Jonathan celebrated 27 years this past Wednesday. I know I am behind on the post, but I felt it was worth backtracking since this was a special birthday. Not only did Jonathan turn 27 on the 27th (which Jonathan thought was extra special since it's a once in a lifetime thing) but this was also Jonathan's first birthday as a daddy! Early Wednesday morning, as Jonathan was showering for work, I snuck downstairs and made him chocolate chip pancakes. He loves pancakes but this is something I don't usually make for him since it creates quite the mess in the kitchen. I didn't want Brody to feel left out so I made him something extra special as well. He ate an egg yolk for the first time in celebration of his "da-da". That afternoon Brody and I surprised Jonathan at work with balloons tied to a basket full of goodies that he can munch on over the next couple of weeks. Then we took him to the mall to let him pick out something for his birthday. He couldn't decide on what he wanted (which is part of the reason we hadn't already bought him much) so we left the mall and went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Here are some pictures we took as we celebrated the night...
After dinner, Brody sat on the table as we paid the bill.  He found a piece of bread left in the basket and snatched it before we knew what he was doing!  When we caught him he thought it was funny and decided to share some bread with his daddy. :)
After returning home, Brody and I sang "Happy Birthday" to Jonathan and gave him his cookie cake.  Brody thought since he got away with the bread that maybe he could sneak in some cake too!  Thankfully, we caught him before he ate any of the icing off his tiny little fingers.  That little booger!
I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and mischievious baby boy.  Birthdays are twice as nice when you have a little family to enjoy them with!

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  1. Jonathan sure has a sweet wife and little son who makes his birthday a very special day in his life!


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