My New Pretty Journal

I woke up this morning and found myself in the same daily routine: feeding Brody, playing with him, changing his diaper, and playing with him some more.  But, after I put him down for his morning nap, I found myself setting up this blog.  In the past I never imagined myself blogging, and I've never been one to follow blogs, but my sister-in-law insisted it was something I really should do.  She got into in several months ago and has been campaigning for it ever since.  I just shrugged it off as something that was good for her but something I would never get into.  Then, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent an email with a link to her new blog.  I checked it out and starting thinking, Maybe I should set up a blog...

So here I find myself, posting my first entry.  I'm hoping this will be something I will stick with.  However, I can't make any promises.  Even as a child I couldn't keep a diary longer than a month.  Just about every year I would get a new journal.  Something about the possibilities of a blank journal excited me and I couldn't wait to get started.  But after about a week I would stop writing in it every day, creating a new entry every few days, then every few weeks, until I had stopped writing in it all together.  Then months later I would come across a pretty journal in the store that I had to have, one that I just knew would inspire me to keep writing in it all year long, but a month later the journal would have a few pages of my thoughts followed by an eternity of untouched pages.  Occasionally, I will come across one of those journals and shake my head.  I get irritated at myself for not sticking to it.  I'll never get those memories back....all those memories I never bothered to write down.

So now that I have a beautiful baby boy, I'm hoping I will stick to it this time.  I want to remember all the "insignificant" day-to-day memories we make as a family.  My hubby and I are 27 and can't remember what we did for our anniversary last year and many other significant moments in our lives.  We have friends tell us stories about us that we had completely forgotten about, and I mean completely!  I don't want to forget a single thing about my Brody Boy and I'm afraid there are things I have already forgotten in the past 8 months.  So here's to a new pretty "journal" that is waiting for me to jot down all the things I will too soon forget!


  1. I love love love your new blog. I'm a new follower! ;-) I think you will truly appreciate this journal because it has one thing different. Well maybe a couple. This journal will be something you won't just do for yourself but for us the readers!!!!! Good luck and keep us ( me for now ) posted! Welcome new blogger!

  2. Could I possibly be the friend that sent you an email with a link to their blog?? Was I special enough to be mentioned in your very first posting?? SWEET!!! (and if it wasn't me...don't burst my bubble!) :)

    I'm so excited to stay connected with you! I miss seeing everyone every day SO MUCH and I feel like this may help to fill that HUGE void of much needed "girlfriend" talk! YAY!!! Love you BUNCHES!!!!!

  3. So happy you started a blog so we can keep up with the Johnson's :) Miss you Lauren...hope to see you and your little man soon!

  4. Wynni will be checking this EVERY DAY!!!! I love reading blogs (up until now, I've only read 2 friends' blogs and now this makes 3). What a great idea. I wish there had been this wonderful tool when you all were little. Can you just imagine seeing what you did nearly every day of your life? WOW!!

  5. Wow! Lauren what a great idea. It is inspiring to write from the heart, to others as well as yourself and family. It also helps us realize how precious life is. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.


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