Teething Bites...Cuddle Bugs Don't!

As I write this entry, Brody, wearing only a diaper and a bib, is cuddled up next to me in a blanket watching his "Your Baby Can Read" DVD. ( I have to add that this is taking me forever to type out as one hand is wrapped around my little man!)  He's had a rough night tonight.  His first little incisor is trying its best to push its way through his sweet little sore gums.  Brody is quite the trooper though.  He's hardly put up a fuss at all.  We didn't even realize he has been teething the past several days because he has hardly "complained" at all.  It wasn't until today, as he was laughing at me playing silly games with him, that I got my first glimpse at the small white tooth pressing against the surface of his gums.  And, yes, I am sure this time he is actually teething.  I know that Jonathan and I have been saying since he was about 3 months old, "I think he must be teething," but this is the real deal!  He's been his normal self, happy for the most part and sleeping well at night.  Besides a runny nose (which apparently is common when teething) and tons of drooling (hence the bib), the only issue he has had is eating dinner.  The past 3-4 nights he has cried and wailed when I tried to give him chicken, green beens, etc.  Why? I wondered. He eats just fine throught the day.  It's only at night.  Then, after seeing the tooth this afternoon and watching his drama tonight at dinner, it hit me.  It's the warm food that is bothering his gums.  The cool fruit, yogurt, etc. feels good to his sore gums.  So, we ended dinner early tonight and I took him up stairs to take a bath.  Baths always put him in a better mood.  After toweling off and getting lotioned from head to toe, I brought him downstairs wearing only his diaper and his bib.  We sat on the couch together as he watched his DVD.  As I was researching online, I felt his little head lean over toward me and his little body rested beside mine.  I am cherishing every moment of it and I don't want to forget it!  My little cuddle bug needs his mommy and there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now!

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  1. Well, this one definitely brought the tears to my eyes! I remember those wonderful days when I had some little snuggle bugs of my own! I am so thrilled you are treasuring those moments rather than seeing it as an inconvenience! These precious moments are gone in a flash and you will give anything to get them back!! Tell BrodyBoy I will be there soon to see his little toothy!! Love you all so much!! Mom


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