Yesterday morning Brody and I woke up earlier than usual to attend a Beth Moore Bible Study with Katheryn, my cousin.  Brody played in the nursery (probably checking out all the girls) while we studied Esther.  I learned so much, and I'm excited thinking about the knowledge I will walk away with over the next 8 weeks.  I have to admit though, I was pretty embarrassed and disappointed in myself as I realized I don't know as much about the Bible as I thought.  I grew up in church, and, as a family, we attended church every Sunday and most Wednesday nights.  I was very involved with the youth group in Jr. High and H.S. But, as I sat and listened to my group talk about the historical timelines and significance of all that was happening during Esther's time period, I realized that in all my years of going to church we mainly only focused on the New Testament and Jesus' teachings.  I was taught the Old Testament stories, of course, but we never talked about it in as much depth as Beth Moore does in her studies.  To be honest, I never really felt I was missing out on anything though (I always hated history class the most in school!)...until today.  I can't even begin to express how excited I felt just listening and learning this morning, and I'm sure if I tried to reproduce today's discussion I would bore you all! But, wow!  You should be a part of one of her studies if you ever get the chance.  It has given me a renewed passion for learning God's Word.  It feels like I found a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of my old pair of jeans...makes you appreciate the jeans again and glad you didn't just throw them out! ;)

Since the Bible study was close to where Jonathan works, we went to visit him and eat lunch at his office.  I tell you this only because I want to share this cute picture of Brody sitting with his Daddy at Jonathan's desk.  Maybe he will be into computers one day too...

Also, I took this sweet little picture of Brody that I am thinking about entering into the LIVE! With Regis and Kelly show.  If, by chance, he were to win (which we know is a LONG shot since there are literally thousands that have already entered), he would get a $125,000 college scholarship and he would appear on the cover of parenting magazine.  If he were to be one of the 4 runner-ups he would get $25,000 for college.  All of the top ten get like a $1000 worth of Gerber food and such.  So, there are lots of great prizes to win.  We're not getting our hopes up, but we figure it's worth a shot.  Plus, I'm also excited because if he were to win (again, I know it's a big IF) they would fly all of us out to NY and put us up in a hotel so that we could appear on the show.  How cool would that be!?!  Anyway-it's fun to dream, at least!  So, here is the picture I'm thinking about submitting.  Let me know what you think...

After we came home it was time for Brody to eat again.  I gave him some juice in a sippy cup and this is him trying so hard to figure this sippy cup thing out...

Poor kid!  He'll get it soon, I hope!  I just LOVE him!!!


  1. You should write books. You are so good and make everything you write about very interesting. You are definitely gifted in that area. I am going to enjoy reading your blog each day. What a wonderful way to keep up with the day to day activities of your cute little family! Love you very much! Mom

  2. Any picture you send in of Brody is a winner in my book. Auntie not biased at all! I'm raising my status to Aunt as the whole cousin thing is just getting too may 3rd and 4th's to keep up! Can't tell you how happy I am that you are as thrilled as I am with my Bible study group! I'm always a little nervous when inviting a new person whether they are a seasoned believer or fresh of the truck, but so glad you see in it what I do! The group is so diverse that I think it is hard for some to see the rich value everyone has to bring to the group! Please don't feel like you don't know all that "we do" I'm still confused and learning something new everyday and I've done literally every study she has written, so we are all in the same boat! I think this will be good for you. It helps to get your thoughts out verbally or on paper and fills that gap in the "stay at home mom" isolation that I know we all feel sometimes. As always, the invitation for you to come and hang with me and the crazy twins has no expiration! You can bring your dirty laundry even and we can get something accomplished while we visit! Love ya sis!

  3. AWWWW that's a cute one. I like the blog post today!


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