The Final Stretch

Brody is rounding the last corner and running (or crawling) down the final stretch towards the finish line of his first year.  It's almost unbelievable to me that 9 months ago we were in the hospital just beginning this incomparable journey.  After 12 hours of labor and an hour and a half of pushing, Jonathan and I remember looking at Brody and thinking, that can't be our baby...he looks nothing like us! 

Brody was a sweet little newborn with a tan (which turned out to be jaundice), swollen eyes, and a funny-shaped head.  When our midwife, Mary, held him up for the first time he was floppy and he wasn't crying.  Although Jonathan had finally agreed to cutting the cord (throughout the whole pregnancy he said there was no way he wanted to do it!), Mary quickly apologized and told him that she needed to do it instead.  She cut the cord and they wisked him over to the cleaning station. 

NICU nurses quickly charged through the door and surrounded him, trying all they could do to get him to cry, but he wouldn't cry.  Every now and then a very small little whimper came from over in the corner, but it wasn't what the medical staff wanted to hear.  There was an odd tension in the room.  I could tell there was something wrong and a huge wave of motherly worry washed over me.  I had only glimpsed at my new little man but I already knew I could no longer live without him! 

Several minutes passed as I laid on the hospital bed trying not to cry in front of everyone in the room.  I wasn't fooling Jonathan though. He knew I was worried and anxious.  He tried his very best to reassure me everything was okay, that Brody would be fine, but deep inside he was just as frightened as I was.

After what felt like an eternity, Brody's apgar score was normal, but they told me he needed to go to the transition nursery so that they could monitor him over the next four hours.  They allowed me to hold him for just a minute before they took him.  It was surreal as I held him for the first time. Jonathan hovered over as we both marveled at the sweet little blessing wearing a blue, white, and pink striped cap the hospital gave to him.  Wow! What a flood of emotions that swept over the both of us! 

The next four hours were four of the hardest hours I have ever experienced.  I felt a strange need to be there by Brody's side and protect him, make sure he was okay, and let him know I was right there for him.  Instead, I was not allowed to travel to the transition nursery in light of all my body had just gone through.  I cried, wanting only to hold him. 

Once Brody proved to the staff he was stable, they finally brought him to our room.  Nothing had been wrong at all.  He was completely healthy.  He was just a chill baby and didn't feel the need to cry!  He still has a relaxed personality, just like his Daddy.  I am so thankful and blessed he got Jonathan's go-with-the-flow attitude.  He has made Jonathan and I so happy and so proud over these past 9 months.  We couldn't imagine loving anyone more than we love him!

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  1. You have me reliving those hours with you and I am a crying mess right now. God has truly blessed you and Jonathan with a healthy, handsome little fellow who has become the joy of our lives!


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