Snow Much to Catch Up On!

You can't say I didn't warn you.  I explained early on that I never could keep up with a journal for more than a week.  In my defense, I have been extremely busy studying for the PT Board Exam.  Lucky for me, I had some help from a very smart little boy!

As much help as he was though, I still found myself needing more time to study...without precious little distractions!  So, not a moment too soon, Wynni came to my rescue and watched Brody for the week while I prepared to take the Boards on February 10.  Which, I must add, I found out today that I passed!  I am now a licensed physical therapist!  Yes, it took me longer than most, but enjoying Brody the past 8 1/2 months has been well worth it...even if some people don't quite understand!  He has grown much too fast already, and I can't imagine having missed any bit of it. 

Since starting formula and eating solids he has gained quite a bit of weight.  He was in the third percentile for weight when he went to get his 6 month check up, and I can hardly wait to see what percentile he has reached when we go next week for his 9 month check.  We have been able to keep an eye on his weight thanks to Katheryn for giving us this baby scale. 

Not only has he gained weight but he is developing new skills.  He is trying so hard to figure out this crawling thing, but it's really not his style. 

He much prefers a faster method of getting around.  He seems to feel that crawling would be a waste of time and wants to walk before he crawls.  He enjoys holding onto our fingers and taking steps like a big boy.  We would prefer him to crawl and build his muscles, but he gets upset when we cramp his style! :)  In the meantime, he suprised me the first of February when he decided to pull up on a chair all by himself so that he could reach some toys he saw and wanted. 

(Side note: We lowered his bed in anticipation of the morning he decides to try and stand up in his crib to climb over the rail.)

We typically do most of our playing downstairs, but a couple days prior to this I decided to bring half of his toys up to his room so that we could play there as well.  So, I loaded up his toys in a basket and placed him in the basket as well so that I could carry both him and the toys up the stairs.  He thought this was so much fun!

Well, I went off on a big tangent!  I'll get back to the part where my mom (Wynni) came up here to help me study.  She actually flew up here for my cousin's wedding reception that was this past weekend.  While we were there helping (aka watching) my aunt and uncle cook goodies for the reception, it snowed.  When it snowed a few weeks ago Brody was sick, so this was his first time touching the snow and playing in it.  He was such a cute bear!

After playing in the snow, it was time to get down to business and help my aunt and uncle decorate for the reception.  This was quite chaotic, but we managed to pull it together somewhat in time.  Everyone seemed to have a great time...Brody included.  He danced his little heart out and had so much fun watching all the little girls dancing around him.  What a flirt! You wouldn't believe how much he danced and enjoyed the music unless you were there to witness it!  What a heart throb! I wish I had pictures to share, but I didn't take any with my camera and will have to get them from Wynni later. 

The next morning on Valentine's Day, Jonathan, Brody and I packed up and headed home.  We had just arrived home when Wynni called and asked if she had left her phone in our car. She had.  This was funny because I had also left the Valentine's cards I bought for Jonathan and Brody with Wynni's stuff.  Guess we both were looking for a way to see each other again! So we met up with her and JimPop (they were headed back to Florida) at The Varsity.  My dad is a Tech alumni so he and my mom have many memories there.  I thought that was pretty special that we all ate lunch there for Heart Day.  It was especially fun since it was Brody's first experience there. We made the most of it, taking pictures the whole time of Brody in his little Varstiy hat.  I still get tickled just looking at these pictures!  He looked so grown up to me in that hat, eating his graham crackers and sipping on his apple juice.

After eating at The Varsity, we returned home to enjoy the rest of the night as a family for Valentine's Day.  I gave Brody a small teddy bear with a box of chocolates (which Jonathan got to eat) and a card. 

Wynni had left him a card in his bed before we all left for the recption weekend in Carrollton.

And, I must mention the teddy bear his JimPop gave him...albeit two days earlier. :)

What a loved little guy!  I hope he always knows how deeply he is loved!


  1. Once again congratulations on passing your boards. I think you deserve double the congratulations for raising a beautiful little boy and passing your boards...I don't think I could have done both! Plus, I am extremely perplexed at how much fun Brody made it look to study those darn PT books...none of us ever looked so happy to be studying! ;) I can't wait to see you soon!!

  2. I know the first half of the week I was there was no fun for you, but being there with Brody 24/7 was heaven on earth for me. Being the perfect baby that he is made it all the more enjoyable for me. I miss him so much (and you and Jonathan, too). I'm still plotting on how we can move up there!! Give Brody a big hug and a kiss for me!

  3. P.S. You have captured some really precious moments of Brody with your camera. I love all of these pictures of him. I hate that I missed going outside and getting pictures of him in the snow for the first time! And the one of him in the basket with his hands thrown up in the air is soooooo cute! I love ALL of these "priceless" pics!!!!!!


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