Quick post's late and I'm tired.  Jonathan and I took Brody to Music for Megan, an annual festival and concert that helps to raise awareness for mitochondrial disease.  One of my patients is a mito-kid and was very persistent in making sure I knew all about it.  "She's nothing, if not persistent" her mother always tells me.  It's true...and that is one of the many great things about her!

Brody had a blast with the "Bubble Man" who had these awesome gadgets to blow huge bubbles for all the kids to pop.  He was great with Brody, making sure all the little kids gave him a chance to play in the bubbles as he sat in his little car.  He was throwing his arms up with joy as the bubbles flew around him.  It was so cute to watch him.

The Return, a Beatles tribute band, was performing and Brody was diggin' their tunes.  He had "dance in his pants" as he walked around the equestrian center where the benefit was held.  Jonathan decided to take him to the dance floor below the stage so that he could dance with all the other little kids.  The dance left his pants though, as all he could do was stare in wonder.

Jonathan's sister, her fianc√©, and one of my friends met us there.  I'm so thankful for all of them coming out and supporting not only the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation but me as well.  It was so great to share with them just a glimpse of my passion and introduce them to one of my patients.  I found myself, once again, thankful for the career path the Lord led me to.  What a blessing to work with these kids and their families.

For more information about Mitochondrial Disease you can visit the UMDF's website here.  To learn more about Music for Megan, click here

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