Brody's Vocals

So I have been wanting to post this for a very long time...a list of the words Brody can now say.  The list has grown significantly since I originally wanted to post it so I figured it's now or never.  He is growing like a weed...a very cute weed that you don't want to pluck out of your garden!  Now that he is walking, his biggest milestones seem to be the amount of words he is learning to say.
  1. Da-da
  2. Ma-ma
  3. Uh-oh!
  4. Ball 
  5. More (and he can sign for more)
  6. Eat (and he can sign for eat)
  7. Balloon (sounds like "Ba-oo")
  8. Baby
  9. Bye-bye (he waves when he says this.  I'm not sure he would know how to say it without waving! Ha Ha)
  10. Banana (sounds like "mu-nuh" but he says this all the time! The boy loves his bananas!)
  11. Milk
  12. Nose (he will touch his nose when you ask him "Where is your nose?"  He can also now do the same for head, ears, toes and mouth)
  13. Toes
  14. Ear
  15. Head
  16. Mouth
  17. Book
  18. Pop! (my dad, his grandpa, we refer to as JimPop)
  19. Hat (He also knows the sign for hat-patting your head)
  20. Dog (Also, when you ask, "What does the dog say?" he replies, "Oof")
  21. Cat (When you ask, "What does the cat say?" he replies "Meow"
  22. When asked "What does the cow say?" he replies "Moo", though he is not as consistent with this answer. He often gets cow confused with cat. :)
  23. Up
  24. Down (he points down as he says this)
  25. No (he says this too often these days!)
  26. Shoe
  27. Sock
  28. Elmo
  29. Cheese
  30. Please (sounds like "peas"; he can sign "please" too.  He also signs "thank you" which is fingers to chin but he puts his fingers to his mouth and makes a kissing noise.) 
  31. Snap (sounds like "nap" but he tries to snap with his index finger, middle finger, and cute and impressive!)
  32. Wave
  33. Wow (he drags out each sound of this word and his lips are overly dramatic as he says it. So funny!)
  34. Car
  35. Plane (sounds like "pain")
  36. Boat
  37. Bus
  38. Choo-Choo Train  (sounds like "choo-choo tray")
  39. Leaf
  40. Door
  41. Jess (his aunt Jessica)
  42. Shane (his uncle)
I figured if I get the basic list down, I can add new words as he says them in other postings.  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet? ;)

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