Ghost Cups

Last Sunday night my SIL, Jess, and her fiance, Shane, cooked us lobster and yellow fin with yummy veggies.  It was sooo good! By far the best lobster I have ever had...partly because it is only the third lobster I have ever had, partly because the very first lobster I ever had was literally a bad lobster (had the consistency of mashed potatoes and tasted like trash), but mostly because Shane did an awesome job cooking it!

I decided to make them a festive desert in exchange for their high-class dinner...GHOST CUPS! One for each of us, including Brody, who got the baby ghost cup to the far right. ;)


Though simple and cheap to make, everyone enjoyed them!

Especially Brody...

I think he had a bit of a sugar rush by the time he finished...

Our little gobblin had his share of ghost for the night and was a happy little Boo Boo!

Want to make some ghost cups for your favorite gobblin?  Just mix a box of instant chocolate pudding, top with crushed oreos, add a dollop of whip cream, and finish with two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting that picture. Preciate it! lol - jk cute post!

  2. That makes me want a ghost cup...YUMMO!!

  3. Loved all the pictures! Dad and I laughed so hard at his sugar-high picture at the end!!


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