Our First Date Night in FOREVER

Before Jonathan and I got married (5 years ago this past October 1st!), our marriage counselor suggested we pick a date night each week, each month, and keep it sacred.  We weren't to give it up for better offers of fun or things we "had to do."  It was a night we should count on.  Though we didn't always keep the exact same night each week, we were consistent with a weekly date night...until Brody.  So, when my sister-in-law called the other day to tell us her and her fiance wanted to watch Brody for the night, we took advantage of the offer.  We decided to hit up historic Roswell, one of my favorite little towns to eat and shop.  I had read about this place called The Salt Factory in my Southern Living magazine, stating it was a must visit when in the area.  So we jumped in the car and headed to what we thought would be a quaint little dinner.  The closer we came to the historic city of Roswell, the more traffic was piling up.  It must have taken us 10 minutes to drive down Woodstock Street, less than 1 mile.  Once we turned on Canton Street we discovered why this small little area was packed full of people on a Thursday night.  Alive After Five.  Vendors lined the streets with food, shopping, and live music.  I must confess, we were not up for it as we were starving and tired from working all day. Our typical 20 minute drive was slowing approaching an hour, and I for one was ready to gnaw my arm off.  But once we finally reached the parking lot, our luck changed and we found a nearly impossible find...a parking spot right next to The Salt Factory.  Impressed by the luck we never seem to have, I cheered up!  I decided to embrace the craziness we stumbled upon, feeling rejuvenated by the noise and excitement around us.  So after a very short wait for a small table near the window looking out on Canton Street, we enjoyed our pork tacos, "Salt Factory" pizza, and uninterrupted adult conversation.  I loved the decor and ambiance (which I assume is even better on a typical night), and our server was awesome.  Since I didn't bring my camera I had to get some photos from online which were obviously taken on a might quieter night...

After dinner we walked across the street to Party Chic (one of my absolute favorite places to eat) and ate desert on the balcony. Jonathan had the strawberry shortcake, and I had the coconut creme pie that seriously tasted like heaven in my mouth! 

Our date night was a memorable one for the both of us...not just because it was the first one we have had in a year.  We definitely need to find a way to enjoy these nights more often.  And, from what I hear, Brody had a very fun night with his Aunt Jess and Uncle Shane.  I'm sure Jess will soon blog about the shenanigans that went down on her blog which you can read here

Thanks Jess and Shane for taking time out of your busy "month before the wedding" schedule to allow us to have a night to ourselves! We love you guys!

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  1. If I only had one wish! I would have more time to blog. :-) We love that little man - anytime!


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