Brody's 1st Hair Cut

Those precious baby curls.  Jonathan said they were out of control.  I was afraid of losing them for good.  We went back and forth for a month before Jonathan finally won the battle about 3 weeks ago.  After the Fall Festival at Brody's preschool we loaded up into the car and I reluctantly told Jonathan we would go get his hair trimmed.  Needless to say, he was thrilled that I finally caved.  Jonathan insisted that Brody needed to go to a Barber Shop and NOT a Salon.  So, I humored him and we drove to the Barber Shop that Jonathan used back when he had hair. ;)
Before we unloaded Brody out of the car, I went into the Barber Shop and played the crazy mom for a few minutes.  I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked that they knew how to cut babies' hair.  I told them I did not want them to cut it, but only trim it. And I made sure they were clear that I was trying to keep the curls.  I'm sure they thought I was psychotic but I didn't care.  They assured me they knew what they were doing and that they would keep the curls, so we took Brody inside and suited him up for his very first cut.
Surprisingly, Brody was very still throughout the haircut and had fun watching a toy dog the barber sat on the counter in front of him. I was proud of my big boy!
He had fun, smiling and talking to the barber most of the time.  But he had some serious moments too as he was trying to figure out what exactly was going on.
The best part? Farzin, his barber, told us it was on him! He didn't want us to have to pay for his very first hair cut.  He was so sweet about it! Guess I didn't scare him too much with the crazed mom act.  ...or maybe it's because I DID, in fact, scare him!
Though his curls were not as curly, his hair was still long enough to curl up in the humidity and after baths.  And, I must admit, they were not lost permanently.  Because here we are only 3 weeks later, with a head full of curls and in desperate need of another haircut!  Maybe these baby curls will stick around for awhile after all.

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  1. I missed his first haircut??!! Why did I even move here??

    Great pics! How did you put all four together like that? Oh wait, was it the collage in Picasa again?


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