Good Gobble!

I hope you'll forgive my absence from blog land.  My mom and dad were in town for the turkey holiday and, I'll be honest, I much prefer to spend time with them since we live 8 hours away.  But (sadly) they left this morning, and (happily) I am back!  I have lots to share about Christmas already, but it would be wrong if I deprived you of our Thanksgiving festivities. ;)

It all began on the 18th with Brody's preschool Thanksgiving lunch.  Brody's Wynni (my mom) changed her flight and flew in early just to be with us at this event. Love her! Not to our surprise, Brody enjoyed ALL of his lunch...
...and dove into his second helping from Wynni's plate.
Needless to say, we were the last ones sitting around the table as the other children said their good-byes to their parents and climbed into their cots for a nap. 
I still can't figure out where he puts all that food! Speaking of food, he experienced his first gingerbread man the next day at Panera Bread.  Funny side note: he ate the head first...and he ate it purposefully.  He would take a bite, then look and see how much more of the head he had left.  Then took another bite, looked to see how much was left, and so on. The boy instinctively knew how to eat a gingerbread man! :)
With a tummy full of gingerbread man head, he happily went Christmas shopping with Wynni and me.
We went to Toys 'R Us to look at a train set to use around our Christmas tree.  Brody is obsessed with trains and planes right now. So cute!
Was it hard to get him out of the store? Umm, YEAH! He pitched a royal fit.  Oh the toddler stage!

Next on the agenda, Brody's 2nd haircut, only 1 month after the first. This time I let Farzin actaully cut his hair and not just trim it.  All the curls are gone now. :(  He looks like a big boy now.  Here are his before, during, and after shots.

The haircut was just in time to welcome his JimPop (my dad) the next day.  He loves his JimPop and wanted nothing to do with either Wynni or I for awhile after his arrival. 

But even JimPop's arrival did not stop us.  We continued the madness of Christmas shopping...this time with my dad in tow as well.  He made for a great babysitter while my mom and I bought several gifts. And Brody became a charitable little boy as he gave JimPop's money to one of the Salvation Army ringers outside of Wal-Mart. It's never too early to teach a child the joy of giving.

With Turkey Day fast approaching, we put our shopping on hold and got busy in the kitchen.  Sadly, I have absolutely no pictures of the preparations and none worth sharing of the actual day.  But I will tell you that we had a blast at my aunt and uncle's house, eating my uncle's deep fried turkey. YUM! And we all had fun playing Catch Phrase that night before bed. It was a great Thanksgiving, with much to be thankful for.  We truly are SO BLESSED!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Lauren!!! Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars and saying hello. I'm so glad my post was a blessing! Hugs, ~Kristin

  2. I just love your blog!! I love that cute little boy that keeps showing up on it!!


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