Quick Thought on a Monday Night

Just got home from a Bible Study titled, "I want to be great!"  So it had me thinking, what do I want to be great at? (besides the obvious "Sunday School" answer...I'm thinking in a fun/silly sort of way right now).  The answer?  BLOGGING!  My intentions of starting this blog were to document the early years of Brody's life and all the fun, sad, silly, crazy, sweet, etc. memories I don't want to let slip from my sadly young but slippery mind (Neither Jonathan nor I can remember even the most memorable of moments).  But, with each blog post I find myself feeding my newest addiction. With each check of my "dashboard" and all the newest postings from people I don't even really know in this black-hole of a blog world, I find an urge being fulfilled.  I should just admit it already...I am a blogaholic!  I now find myself dreaming of the day I will hit it big and find a topic to blog about that makes me a blog celebrity that gets paid for staying at home and posting just one blog a day. What a life! I would be living my life but getting paid to blog about it...something I already aspired to do for myself.  If only....hmm.  If only I were that interesting....  A girl can dream!

In Brody news: He has begun saying his first two-word phrases this past week...."Cheese, Please!" (I told you, he is an ever-hungry boy!) and "Oh no!"  Cute, very cute!  He was pretend-playing with himself this afternoon, speaking in his own baby language except an occasional "Oh no!"  Not sure what was going on in his sweet little imaginary world, but it was precious to see and hear!
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