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Windy Poplars
A very special thanks to my newest follower, Kristin, from Windy Poplars!  I fell in love with her blog after seeing the Fall Friendship Swap she did this past September/October.  Though I was too late to participate, I am hoping to get in on the action next Fall!  Loved the idea, Kristen!  Also, every Friday she gives her followers the chance to proudly display their best blog of the week on her "Pick of the Patch" (see above).  I proudly posted my blog about Soup Day this week!

I'm also excited about another blog called "Saving Money and Living Life" which posts tons of deals everyday.

My favorite deal so far? The 50% off outerwear at Old Navy.  I took advantage of this a couple weeks ago and came home with this adorable yellow coat (which I must add looks even cuter on)...

I'm new to this "blog world" but LOVING it so far!

On a different note, tonight I am going to a Ladies' Night Out at a friend of a friend's house where we are making some sort of craft.  Don't know what it is, but can't wait to try it out.  It will be a crafty weekend because tomorrow I have a special project for my sis-in-law (see her blog here) who is getting married in a little over ONE WEEK! Check back to see how the crafts turned out!


  1. Thanks Lauren, you are too sweet! I'm glad I found your blog too :-) Thanks for sharing about the money saving blog, I'll have to give that one a look!

  2. You looked HOT in that yellow coat last night! ;)

    I love your new background and header! You have good taste. :D


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