A Spooktacular and Souptastic Weekend..Part 2

So after spending ALL DAY Saturday shopping for the groceries to make our 7 soups, we were understandly pooped! We unanimously agreed to postpone making the soups until Sunday.  So, after church we came home, threw on our aprons (well, Jess' apron was actually dishtowel she tucked into her pants), and got to work for our 1st Annual Soup Day!

Okay, okay!  So we got a bit of a slow start since we had to make a sign and take pics documenting that we actually did make soup for an entire day.  But after that we really did get to work!

Our menu (to keep us on track).  I made...

White Chicken Chili

Wild Rice Beef Stew

Chicken Vegetable Soup...our dinner for the night.

 Nine Bean Soup.  This was my special soup of the day since it was my first time making it AND because I will be doing something special with it very soon. 

Here is a very small sneak peak into my special suprise with the Nine Bean Soup...
***If you would like any of the above soup recipes to try out for your family,
check out my "Recipes from Soup Day" page.***

After sweating in the kitchen all day (us girls) and the boys sitting on their tooshies playing video games all day, we all took Brody trick-or-treating.
I love how involved Jess and Shane are in Brody's life!

There was some serious monkey business going on in our neighborhood!  This particular monkey is not yet a year but she was kicking her feet ferociously in excitement!  So cute!

Brody thought these ghosts were great. 
He "baby-talked" to them for awhile before moving on to the next house.

He was so cute at each house as he performed his best impersonation of a monkey and signed "thank you" with a kiss after receiving his treats.

But the treats were not the highlight of his night (probably because we don't allow him much candy yet).  He was most excited about the dog in our neighbors' house.  He made himself at home by walking right on in and making friends with the sweet little white dog.  He just couldn't get enough so Jonathan had to walk inside and pull him out!

It was a great Halloween and a perfect end to our 1st Annual Soup Day!

Hope you all had a great weekend too.  Any suggestions/recipes for soups to make next year?


  1. I love this "soup day" idea! I've been doing a bit of freezer cooking myself, and having just gotten home from vacation, I really haven't had to go grocery shopping (except for stuff like milk and bread) b/c we've been eating out of our freezer! Such a treat! I only have a couple of soups left, so I might be trying your idea soon. A couple of soups that I've frozen this year were: Carrot Ginger and Potato. Both of which thaw out very nicely.- Thanks for sharing your day (and ideas) with us! Will you be posting the recipes? That is one cute monkey you've got there btw :-)

  2. Too much fun without me!!! Love your last few posts. Great pics!!

  3. Just stumbled on your blog from windy poplars What a lovely day, and a very cute monkey!! I have a great velvety squash soup which I love there is a link on http://meettheblochers.blogspot.com/2010/10/feast-of-fall-fare.html and more yummy fall-ness at http://meettheblochers.blogspot.com/2010/10/we-love-autumn.html hope you'll stop by. Happy Guy Fawkes day!

  4. So glad you linked this up to TPoTP! I hope you inspire lots of others to have a soup day soon! Just saw that you posted the recipes up top...off to check them out! Enjoy your weekend~

  5. I found your blog thru Windy Poplars! Got to say I love your soup day idea!! Soup is my FAVORITE and I look forward to fixing soups and chowders every time cold weather shows up!! I have a recipe for white chicken chili I got from a Food Network magazine last year thats FANTASTIC! Everything you made looked yummy!


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