Party Party Party

Our weekend was one Christmas party, after another Christmas party, after another Christmas party! 

Friday night was round one at Benihana with PPT where I treat kiddos in a clinic setting.  (Thank you, Vanessa and Phil for hanging with the Brodster! You guys are the best!)  PPT is a fairly young clinic so last year was the first Christmas party they hosted.  Even though I wasn't employed with them last year, Jonathan and I were graciously invited to celebrate with them at Benihana.  I interned there as a student, so I guess you could say they were hopeful I would join the team when I was ready to spend a short amount of time away from Brody and start bringing home some extra bacon. They were right.  I started working for them just 5 months later. So last night was our second annual PPT Benihana Christmas party and it was better than the first.  But, I guess you can't go wrong at an office Christmas party when you work with a BFF. ;)

Speaking of that special friend, round two was at her house on Saturday night where her and her hubs invited close friends to their beautiful home.  Brody had to tag along since our babysitter came down with the flu and cancelled on us earlier that afternoon.  It turned out alright though.  He was very well-behaved and was entertainment for many of the guests...mainly the guys! :)  And who do you think he spotted as soon as we walked in?  Their Elf on the Shelf.  Within 15 seconds of walking through their front door he was pointing and exclaiming proudly, "Alf! Alf!" 

Round three was Sunday afternoon brunch with BPeds, the other company I work for treating kiddos out of their homes, school, and day cares.  It was held at a gorgeous country club on the lake and was an all we could eat upscale buffet.  We each had to bring an ornament that we had personally hand-made (including the guys).  Since we had such short notice of the party (we got the text late Friday night while we were at Benihana), I quickly googled some ideas for homemade ornaments using materials we had around the house.  Jonathan made this from twigs in our backyard and some raffia...
And I made this...
In fact, I made it T.H.R.E.E. times!!!  The first one I didn't bake long enough and it broke when I set it down on the counter.  The second one I baked for too long and it broke when it fell off our Christmas tree as I was trying to take a picture it. The third one I watched closely in the oven (and I hot-glued it together before baking it...but don't tell anyone!)
The directions seemed easy enough that I shouldn't have screwed it up.  (Just place the candies on a baking sheet in the shape you desire.  Bake at 250 for 5 minutes.)  Oh well! So I brought a back-up ornament for the lucky new owner of my hand-made ornament. 
Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring,
EXCEPT for this mouse!

Again, I was blessed enough to work with another good friend (Nicole, far right) from grad school so that made the party even better! It's so great to work with friends!

I took some cute photos of Brody and all the other BPeds therapists' kids but I decided not to post them due to privacy.  You're missing out though! ;) 

So for now, the hubby and I are fighting to keep our eyelids open.  We don't want to miss the lunar eclipse/winter solstice tonight.  Is anyone else crazy enough to stay up all night and wait?  I'm not sure I'm gonna make it.  One eyelid is closing as I type...


  1. When is this eclipse thing gonna happen?!

    Girl, you should have called us for Saturday! Although I'm sure Brody had a blast!

  2. I had a fantastic time this weekend with you, Jon, and Brody. Alex was on cloud 9 with him! Can't wait for our future dates! Have a great Christmas sweet friend! Love you!


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