Proud Parents

Note to all of you reading this: The following is just a memory I want to keep jotted down somewhere for Brody to read one day when he is older.  This may bore you.  You are excused. ;)

Tonight Jonathan and I attended a Christmas party at our church with our Sunday school class.  They had the nursery open for those of us with kids.  When we went to pick him up after the party, one of the women who watched him tonight said to us, "He is such a sweet boy.  If I had a checklist to make up the perfect child and went down the list, checking it all off, it would be Brody!"  Wow! That made us feel so good.  As a parent, not many things make you happier than knowing your child is a joy to be around for others as well.

Her comment reminded me of what his Sunday school teacher told me last week when I went to pick him up.  I shared it with Jonathan tonight on the drive home.  She said, "Brody is so sweet! We just love having him here each week."

And if I haven't bragged enough already...Jonathan reminded me just a few minutes ago what the nurses said about him this past September when we had to take him to the ED for a CT scan.  They were all talking amongst themselves and to us about how cute of a baby he is.  I laughed and told them that we think so but they probably just say that to all the babies they see.  That's when one of the nurses exclaimed, "Oh no! Honestly.  We have seen a lot of kids in here but he is definitely one of the cutest we have seen!" 

And though we love to hear how cute he is, nothing has warmed our hearts more than hearing what a sweet boy he is to others when we are not around.   

We love you, Brody!  You are such a precious gift to us!

This picture was taken almost a year ago to the day (Dec 4, 2009) when we dropped him off for the very first time while we attended the Christmas party.  Yes, I was the dorky mom who got out her camera to capture his first nursery experience.  I can remember Jonathan rolling his eyes and walking away as if he didn't know me! Ha ha!


  1. LOVE it!! It's okay to brag girl. I did it. ;) WHen I have my own lil guy (or girl) I'll be braggin ALL the time I'm sure. And I'm sure my boy will be the cutest then too.

  2. He is absolutely precious and you can brag on him all day long! We love that little monkey!


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