Tonight's Precious Moment

As I laid Brody down in his crib tonight I said, "Okay, Brody, let's pray."  He closed his eyes and I began to pray with him as either Jonathan or I do every night.  Tonight's prayer lasted longer though as I got caught up in thanking God for the sweet boy he gave us and asking Him to keep Jonathan safe as he is out of town.  Brody laid there still and quiet throughout the whole long-winded prayer (his eyes already open again).  As I started to wrap up the prayer with "We love you, Lord..." as I always do, Brody shouted "Amen!"  He's been saying "Amen!" for quite some time when we pray (always at inappropriate times), but I think he finally caught on to how my prayers sound as I am about to finish with my own "Amen."  It was so cute that he just laid there still until the right moment.  Then, I leaned down to give him a goodnight kiss and he gave me a kiss right back, followed by a smile and repeated kissing noises as I left the room.  As I closed the door, I could still hear him in there making kissing sounds.  My cup overfloweth!

I don't have any pictures to show you from tonight but I thought I would leave you with pictures of Brody sleeping in his crib that we took this past summer...b.c. ;)

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  1. Awww...this one made me cry. I hope he is still giving out kisses when I get there and have the privilege of praying with him before putting him to bed at night!!
    I'm sure you wonder, as I did when you all were growing up, how the Lord is going to use him in His Kingdom when he grows up. What a precious little child you and Jonathan have been bless with! I love him so much!


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