Tears were shed today...

...as I drove away from the academy where Brody attends "pre-school."  Today was his first real day, meaning he stayed ALL day today, from 8:30a.m.-6:00pm.  I cried for many reasons.  I cried because he is becoming such a big boy and it's all happening way too fast.  I cried because his daddy was out of town and didn't share in the painful experience with me.  I cried because I became the mom I never thought I would be...the one dropping my child off at "pre-school" (which, btw, is just a fancy word for daycare. Who am I kidding?!?!).  I cried because Brody didn't cry.

The fact of it is, Brody loves it.  This whole adjustment is harder on me than it is on him.  He loves playing outside on the playground twice a day and exploring all of the exciting new toys they have.  He loves all the fun they have in circle time.  He loves being around other boys and girls like him.  He even took a nap, on a cot, without a pacifier.  His teacher wrote, "Brody does great at following directions.  He loves outside time and he went to sleep without any fussing or a pacifier.  Way to go!"

So, though this is not what I dreamed motherhood would be like, this seems to be what is best for our family after all.  Who knew God had better plans than I did!?! ;)


Quick post tonight...it's late and I'm tired.  Jonathan and I took Brody to Music for Megan, an annual festival and concert that helps to raise awareness for mitochondrial disease.  One of my patients is a mito-kid and was very persistent in making sure I knew all about it.  "She's nothing, if not persistent" her mother always tells me.  It's true...and that is one of the many great things about her!

Brody had a blast with the "Bubble Man" who had these awesome gadgets to blow huge bubbles for all the kids to pop.  He was great with Brody, making sure all the little kids gave him a chance to play in the bubbles as he sat in his little car.  He was throwing his arms up with joy as the bubbles flew around him.  It was so cute to watch him.

The Return, a Beatles tribute band, was performing and Brody was diggin' their tunes.  He had "dance in his pants" as he walked around the equestrian center where the benefit was held.  Jonathan decided to take him to the dance floor below the stage so that he could dance with all the other little kids.  The dance left his pants though, as all he could do was stare in wonder.

Jonathan's sister, her fiancĂ©, and one of my friends met us there.  I'm so thankful for all of them coming out and supporting not only the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation but me as well.  It was so great to share with them just a glimpse of my passion and introduce them to one of my patients.  I found myself, once again, thankful for the career path the Lord led me to.  What a blessing to work with these kids and their families.

For more information about Mitochondrial Disease you can visit the UMDF's website here.  To learn more about Music for Megan, click here

He'll be off to college before I have a chance to breathe!

I'm feeling inspired after watching Julie and Julia tonight, so here I am blogging again...after a 7-month sabbatical.  I've had many "blog worthy" moments to post over these past several months, but it's not easy to blog when you are a perfectionist.  I could explain myself, but I think all of you perfectionists out there already understand what I mean, and those of you that aren't, well, truth is you will never understand.  So, I'll just move on.

Today was a monumental day.  My baby went to preschool!
Fact: It was actually the young toddler room and not exactly preschool.  But, it is a classroom with 5 other kids his age and a teacher who is teaching him colors, numbers, letters, etc.  He even sat on the short potty today for a small period of time.  Not sure I understand the logic, but that's cool...I guess.
Fact: He really only stayed for 2.5 hours to help ease him into a full day.  He's going again tomorrow for 4 hours.  Next Tuesday will be his first full day.
Fact: He didn't cry a single tear when I dropped him off.  I held him for a few minutes in the classroom while I talked with his teacher, Miss Brittney.  Then I took him over to a play station and played with him until he turned his back to play with something else.  That's when I slipped out of the room and watched him from the window as he played with Miss Brittney. I had already said good-bye to him as we walked into the building, knowing that a formal good-bye before I actually left would create a melt down.
Fact: He had a great time at pre-school.  I called about an hour after dropping him off and they said he was having so much fun, talking non-stop.  That's my little social bug!
Fact: He cried when his Uncle Shane came to pick him up because he did not want to leave!  Tell me, should I be happy or sad about this?  I can't decide.  I think I am mostly happy with a tinge of sadness.
Brody eating his banana on his way to pre-school.  The school bus behind us made for a great symbolic picture.

 Brody and Miss Brittney

Brody's 1st Daily Report

Regardless of my feelings, Brody had a very eventful and tiresome day.  After pre-school, his Uncle Shane brought him home and played with him until I got home from work at 5 o'clock.  The poor baby...I mean, big boy...was so tired that he didn't want dinner, he didn't want chocolate milk, he didn't play for long in his bath, and he fussed about everything.  I put him to bed an hour early and he has been asleep ever since.  

Sweet dreams, my precious boy.  You will always be "Baby Brody" to me.  I'm proud of you for the courage you exemplified today. 


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