Perfect Timing for 3 New Words

Today (Halloween) Brody said...

45. Pumpkin
46. Cracker
47. Soup

This was perfect timing as I declared today "Soup Day."  I spent the entire day in the kitchen with my SIL, Jessica, making soups to last us through the winter.  Check back later this week for more about the fun we had making soups!

Ghost Cups

Last Sunday night my SIL, Jess, and her fiance, Shane, cooked us lobster and yellow fin with yummy veggies.  It was sooo good! By far the best lobster I have ever had...partly because it is only the third lobster I have ever had, partly because the very first lobster I ever had was literally a bad lobster (had the consistency of mashed potatoes and tasted like trash), but mostly because Shane did an awesome job cooking it!

I decided to make them a festive desert in exchange for their high-class dinner...GHOST CUPS! One for each of us, including Brody, who got the baby ghost cup to the far right. ;)


Though simple and cheap to make, everyone enjoyed them!

Especially Brody...

I think he had a bit of a sugar rush by the time he finished...

Our little gobblin had his share of ghost for the night and was a happy little Boo Boo!

Want to make some ghost cups for your favorite gobblin?  Just mix a box of instant chocolate pudding, top with crushed oreos, add a dollop of whip cream, and finish with two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  Enjoy!

Saying "Wynni" makes her "happy"!

Brody said two new words today that I can add to the list...

43. Happy
44. Wynni (My mom, his grandma.  Sounded more like Wi Wi but cute nonetheless.  My mom and dad were watching from Skype and my mom was thrilled.  He has been saying Pop for a long time now and I think it has made my mom a tad bit jealous!)

Our First Date Night in FOREVER

Before Jonathan and I got married (5 years ago this past October 1st!), our marriage counselor suggested we pick a date night each week, each month, and keep it sacred.  We weren't to give it up for better offers of fun or things we "had to do."  It was a night we should count on.  Though we didn't always keep the exact same night each week, we were consistent with a weekly date night...until Brody.  So, when my sister-in-law called the other day to tell us her and her fiance wanted to watch Brody for the night, we took advantage of the offer.  We decided to hit up historic Roswell, one of my favorite little towns to eat and shop.  I had read about this place called The Salt Factory in my Southern Living magazine, stating it was a must visit when in the area.  So we jumped in the car and headed to what we thought would be a quaint little dinner.  The closer we came to the historic city of Roswell, the more traffic was piling up.  It must have taken us 10 minutes to drive down Woodstock Street, less than 1 mile.  Once we turned on Canton Street we discovered why this small little area was packed full of people on a Thursday night.  Alive After Five.  Vendors lined the streets with food, shopping, and live music.  I must confess, we were not up for it as we were starving and tired from working all day. Our typical 20 minute drive was slowing approaching an hour, and I for one was ready to gnaw my arm off.  But once we finally reached the parking lot, our luck changed and we found a nearly impossible find...a parking spot right next to The Salt Factory.  Impressed by the luck we never seem to have, I cheered up!  I decided to embrace the craziness we stumbled upon, feeling rejuvenated by the noise and excitement around us.  So after a very short wait for a small table near the window looking out on Canton Street, we enjoyed our pork tacos, "Salt Factory" pizza, and uninterrupted adult conversation.  I loved the decor and ambiance (which I assume is even better on a typical night), and our server was awesome.  Since I didn't bring my camera I had to get some photos from online which were obviously taken on a might quieter night...

After dinner we walked across the street to Party Chic (one of my absolute favorite places to eat) and ate desert on the balcony. Jonathan had the strawberry shortcake, and I had the coconut creme pie that seriously tasted like heaven in my mouth! 

Our date night was a memorable one for the both of us...not just because it was the first one we have had in a year.  We definitely need to find a way to enjoy these nights more often.  And, from what I hear, Brody had a very fun night with his Aunt Jess and Uncle Shane.  I'm sure Jess will soon blog about the shenanigans that went down on her blog which you can read here

Thanks Jess and Shane for taking time out of your busy "month before the wedding" schedule to allow us to have a night to ourselves! We love you guys!

Your Baby Can Read

Brody is 16 months now and just read three words tonight!  Jonathan and I started showing him the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD's when he was just a few months old.  We got them just to try at first, not necessarily expecting Brody to start reading sooner than most.   From the very first time we showed him the video you could tell he loved it.  He has always gotten so excited when we turn the DVD's we have continued to play them for him.  For awhile we were showing them everyday (like Dr. Titzer suggests) but we slacked and became less consistent after awhile.  But the DVD's have always remained his favorites.  He doesn't get as excited about anything else on TV or DVD (well, except maybe the Backyardigans).  He gasps and screams "Baby!" now when the DVD player turns on, expecting it to be the Your Baby Can Read DVD.  There are also flashcards to the program but we certainly have not been following that regimen.  I could count on each of our hands how many times we have showed Brody the flashcards.  My point being that we have been very slack and easy-going about the whole program, continuing it only because Brody loves it so much.  So today when I came across a woman's blog who was completely bashing it, I had to read on.  She had seen the commercial a million times (like we all have!) and was telling her readers how she sat down and actually watched it for the first time that day.  She went on to say how she wanted to keep her baby a baby for as long as she could and wondering why people would want them to actually read a book instead of just enjoying all the baby babble for as long as possible.  Her followers went on to vent in the same fashion.  It irritated me to read all the comments as they were all from people who had never tried the DVD's.  I did not read a single comment from someone who had given it a try and still thought it was the worst thing to do to a child.  I closed the blog and didn't think much of it until later on tonight while Brody and I were playing in his room.  I spotted the flashcards and decided to just run through them with Brody since he hasn't seen them in ages.  Which at this point I need to add a disclaimer: He has always enjoyed the times we sat down with him to show him the flashcards.  He gets excited to see and hear the words from us.  It has never been like homework or a chore and we've never had the attitude that he has to sit down and practice his words for any amount of time.  We've always just shown them to him when he is playing and he usually choses to come over and take a look at the flashcards.  Tonight was no different.  As he pushed around one of his toys I began showing him the flashcards.  We went through a few of them as usual.  I showed him the card with the word, gave him a few seconds to take it in, and then I said the word aloud so he knew what the word was.  But, when we got the card that says "eyes" he took a look at it and said, "Eyes!" before he proceeded to point to his eyes! I about fell off the rocker I was sitting on!  Had my 16 month old baby just read a word aloud to me?!?!  Of course I got excited and praised him, which he thought was fabulous.  We went through a couple more without success before Jonathan walked in the door from work.  I quickly told him what had just happened as he laid down in Brody's floor and watched us look at some more cards.  I skipped to the words that I know he can say aloud so that if he could read them then he could say them to us.  He didn't know the first few I showed him and even confused "ears" for "eyes".  But, when I showed him the card that read "cat" he said, "Cat" and proceeded to say "Meow! Meow!"  Whoa! So I knew I wasn't crazy then.  Jonathan had seen and heard it too!  I showed him the next word which he just looked at, so I moved on.  The next word was "baby."  I showed him the card, he looked at it and quickly said, "Baby!"  Holy Moly! My child just read three words!  We praised him as if he had just graduated from college!  He was so pleased with himself and basked in the praise as he ran over to hug me.

My cup runneth over!

Here are a couple of pics from the very first time Brody watched one of the Your Baby Can Read DVD's.

Brody's Vocals

So I have been wanting to post this for a very long time...a list of the words Brody can now say.  The list has grown significantly since I originally wanted to post it so I figured it's now or never.  He is growing like a weed...a very cute weed that you don't want to pluck out of your garden!  Now that he is walking, his biggest milestones seem to be the amount of words he is learning to say.
  1. Da-da
  2. Ma-ma
  3. Uh-oh!
  4. Ball 
  5. More (and he can sign for more)
  6. Eat (and he can sign for eat)
  7. Balloon (sounds like "Ba-oo")
  8. Baby
  9. Bye-bye (he waves when he says this.  I'm not sure he would know how to say it without waving! Ha Ha)
  10. Banana (sounds like "mu-nuh" but he says this all the time! The boy loves his bananas!)
  11. Milk
  12. Nose (he will touch his nose when you ask him "Where is your nose?"  He can also now do the same for head, ears, toes and mouth)
  13. Toes
  14. Ear
  15. Head
  16. Mouth
  17. Book
  18. Pop! (my dad, his grandpa, we refer to as JimPop)
  19. Hat (He also knows the sign for hat-patting your head)
  20. Dog (Also, when you ask, "What does the dog say?" he replies, "Oof")
  21. Cat (When you ask, "What does the cat say?" he replies "Meow"
  22. When asked "What does the cow say?" he replies "Moo", though he is not as consistent with this answer. He often gets cow confused with cat. :)
  23. Up
  24. Down (he points down as he says this)
  25. No (he says this too often these days!)
  26. Shoe
  27. Sock
  28. Elmo
  29. Cheese
  30. Please (sounds like "peas"; he can sign "please" too.  He also signs "thank you" which is fingers to chin but he puts his fingers to his mouth and makes a kissing noise.) 
  31. Snap (sounds like "nap" but he tries to snap with his index finger, middle finger, and cute and impressive!)
  32. Wave
  33. Wow (he drags out each sound of this word and his lips are overly dramatic as he says it. So funny!)
  34. Car
  35. Plane (sounds like "pain")
  36. Boat
  37. Bus
  38. Choo-Choo Train  (sounds like "choo-choo tray")
  39. Leaf
  40. Door
  41. Jess (his aunt Jessica)
  42. Shane (his uncle)
I figured if I get the basic list down, I can add new words as he says them in other postings.  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet? ;)


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