Happy 1st Birthday...

...to you, my beloved blog! 
You have given me hope that Jonathan and I will remember many of the precious moments we have been given with our sweet Brody Boy.  For that, I am grateful because without you, dear blog, I know we would inevitably forget.  The two of us have the worst memories ever given to a twenty-something couple.  It's beyond pathetic, actually. 

So for your birthday, I promise to visit you more often, tickle your keys more often, and tap out memories of our life with Brody more often. I promise to write at least 100 posts this year (hopefully more!). 

Happy 1st Birthday!

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  1. I just love reading your blog! I check everyday to see if you have blogged anything new!


I L.O.V.E each and every comment. Keep them coming!


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