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Well, I thought I was finished blogging about our Christmas, but I forgot a couple of things.  Don't worry though...this post will be short and simple. 

I experienced first hand this year just how special giving gifts to those who take care of your kids can be.  If you have kids, consider giving their teachers, therapists, day care workers, nurses, etc. a Christmas gift next year...or any time throughout the year for that matter.  It doesn't have to be big.  It doesn't need to be expensive.  It just needs to say, in its own way, "we thought of you and we appreciate you."  As most of you know, I am a pediatric therapist.  This year, my kiddos and parents spoiled me.  I was overwhelmed with warmth as each family, in their own way, gave a small gift.  It truly wasn't about the gifts at all, but about the thought.  Some were store bought, some were baked, some were hand-made, some were even for Brody!  Here are just a few...
I think Brody enjoyed this home-made chocolate covered marshmallow from one of my families.
Since these small gifts made such a difference in my week and gave me the push I needed to keep doing what I love at such a stressful time of year, I decided to pay it forward and make some special gifts for Brody's teachers, Miss Brittney and Miss Michelle. 
You can see a step-by-step of how I made a similar monogrammed letter for my SIL's wedding by clicking on Craft Madness.  Although these here are smaller letters (12") which I actually recommend over the larger (23") letter I made for my SIL.  It eliminates the need for the patchworking step in my instructions.  Also, for his teachers, I added the chalkboards pictured above with their names stickered on in lieu of the small wooden letters (if you look at the instructions you will know what I mean).  In addition to the letters, I gave them each one of these...
It's the Nine Bean Soup mix I made on my First Annual Soup Day.  You can find the recipe here. 

I really enjoyed making the monogrammed letters and decided to make one more for my mom.  I thought it would be a great gift for her because she never gets anything with "Wynni" on it.  (Brody calls her Wynni because my mom has never wanted to be known as grandma, nana, etc.  We all call my grandmother Gin Gin for the same reason.  It's derived from her name, Virginia.  And Wynni is derived from the last 3 letters of my mother's name, Darwyn.)  So, since we will never find a card in Hallmark or a picture frame that reads "Wynni" instead of  "Grandma," I decided we would make her a little something special.
I added a yellow heart to her letter since that is her favorite color.  Then I embellished it with black beads.  Let's just say the beads are a result of a mistake but turned out to make the heart look better than it originally did.  Love when that happens!

So there is one more thing I failed to mention in my last post about Christmas.  (By the way, I'm sorry for the randomness of this post.)  Earlier in December, Jonathan got busy outside putting up our Christmas lights as Brody and I camped inside the house and watched.  

Brody and I found ways to keep ourselves entertained as Jonathan worked hard outside on that chilly day.

Little did I know (until this year) just exactly how he got the lights on the second tier of our house each December.  Every year he has asked me, "Do you really want me to put lights up top again?" To which I have always replied, "Yes! That is what makes the house look so good!"  So, sweet as can be, Jonathan has put the lights on top as I requested.  Never once did I question how exactly he reached up there.  This year, I found out as we watched him place a ladder straddling the arch above our garage.  I was mortified!!! 
He asked me to come out on the roof and hold the ladder for him this year since this part worried him. Oh my goodness! Seriously?! He has done this every year?! And without anyone holding the ladder?! I reluctantly agreed after he assured me he would be fine; but let me confess, I was crying as I held on to that ladder as tight as I possibly could! That sweet man never once mentioned this to me in years past. He just wanted to make the house look the way I wanted it to and did whatever it took! Now I understand why no one else in our neighborhood bothers to put lights up on the second tier! I'm not so sure our house will be quite as beautiful next year.


  1. You are so creative friend. One day when I have kids you can be crafty while I cook for you. Deal?!

  2. And one day when I have kids, Sam can cook for me and you can be crafty for my kids! I'll take pics!

    Another great post girl! Even in all its randommness! And Wynni's finished product looks great!

  3. Yes, I love, love, love my Wynni letter! Best gift Brody could give me!! Kiss my "Mister Sunshine" for me.

    Loved the precious pictures of him in his red cap. Especially loved the ones of him looking out the window. And the shoes!!!!! Trying to fill his daddy's shoes...sooooo cute!


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