What Made Me :) This Weekend

1. The "No Girls Allowed" Club that Brody headed up in his Thomas the Train Tent. 

He had a royal fit when I tried to climb inside with him and his Daddy.  No hard feelings though.  I just told him that one day he might have a little sister and we would make a "No Boys Allowed" club. ;) 

2. My camera strap arrived in the mail!

How fun is this?!? They wrapped it! If there is one thing I love it is getting presents in the mail, especially ones that are wrapped in cuteness.  Gotta love a company that adds that special touch of scrumptious!  Jonathan thought I was crazy for getting so excited. Psh! Boys!

3. Jonathan and I completed our first week of P90X. 

We were unbelievably sore all week but it was well worth it! Our arms and abs are already shaping up! Don't we look fantastic?!?

Totally kidding...this is not us! I wish it was! 

Brody decided to sabotage Jonathan's Ab Ripper X workout!

 It's not going to be easy with this little monster running around, but we are hoping to complete the 90 day program in mid-April. Wish us luck!


  1. Yeah, one day when his little sister arrives on the scene, Brody's going to be shocked at the "girl power" attitude she'll be giving him!
    So cute of Brody and his daddy exercising together!
    And I can totally identify over the excitement of getting a wrapped gift in the mail!


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