Chalk It Up to Having Fun

Forgive me for all the outdoor posts lately.  We just can't seem to stay inside anymore. 

Brody's Aunt Jessi caught us vandalizing the patio on Monday afternoon.  It was Brody's first experience with chalk, and I am thankful she snuck up on us like paparazzi to capture the memory. 

 Making clouds from little feet


 I thought it would be fun to trace around Brody's little body. 
Brody didn't think so.

Our graffiti

 Brody found the paparazzi hiding inside

Brody's scribbles next to "Brody and Mommy"


  1. This makes my heart happy because he is just so precious! I love that little man!

  2. GREAT pics Aunt Jess! Love this post!


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