Fun at the Park

Saturday was perfect.  Not just the weather, but the time well spent in that gorgeous weather.  We took Brody to a new park that just opened 3 weeks ago not far from our house.  I have a feeling we will be spending oodles of time there this spring/summer.  Brody had a blast!

There were slides to slide down,

Swings to swing on,

Walls to scale up,

Rocks to climb over,

Drums to beat,

 And horses to tame.

Like I said, it was perfect!

Jonathan and I couldn't believe we were watching our little baby boy actually play on the playground. This time last year (almost to the day) we took him to a playground and all he could do was let us push him on the swing.
 March 20, 2010

He wasn't even walking on his own yet...just trying really, really hard. 

What a difference a year can make!  I can only dream of what next year will look like at the the park. :)


  1. Where is this? I'd love to meet there one day. I could push Katie in the swing ...

  2. He looks so grown up! (sniff-sniff) I LOVE the picture of him sitting on the horse! I must have a copy of it!

  3. Alex and I love that park! I go running while he trains the dogs. We should all meet up there one Monday!

  4. Awww...I see a little boo-boo on his knee! When he got the boo-boo, did he jump right back up and say, "I'm tough!"


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