♫ I think I'll go for a walk outside now...

...The sunshine is calling my name. Get happy now. ♫  (Brady Bunch)

I don't know what is wrong with me lately. All I can think of are random songs for my post titles. Forgive me.

Obviously, the weather has been beautiful this week, and I am so very thankful.  Brody and I have been taking full advantage of the warm-ish, sunny days.  We've been going for walks, tricycle rides, or just throwing balls and rocks around in the grass. 

Perfection? Pretty close to it.  The only person missing is his daddy, who happens to be in Pennsylvania this week for business.  But thankfully we have some recent memories playing outside with him a couple weeks ago when we got our first taste of gorgeous weather this year. 

His daddy is really missing out this week though.  We've spent hours outside and I am loving every moment with Brody!
I love how he waves to our neighbors and belts out a friendly "hi" to anyone who happens to be out-n-about that day.  I love his excitement over each and every school bus that drives past us...as if it is the first one he has ever seen.  "Oh!!! School bus! Here it comes!"  I love how finding small rocks on the side of the road will keep this simple little boy entertained for an entire block.  I love how when he trips over a bump in the grass he yells, "Safe!"  I love how he randomly sings his ABC's (his version, of course).  But what I love most is when he glances up at me with cute little sunglasses over his eyes and a huge grin on his face as if to say "This is perfect, Mommy!".  Yes, Brody, it is. 
I think this is going to be the best spring to date!
Random Sidenote: Brody loves trying on sunglasses. He giggles when he finds a pair lying around and fumbles to get them on his face. 


  1. This posting makes me smile so big. It brings back the sweet memories of just a few weeks ago when I was there and he and I spent some outdoor time together. I love, love, love watching the video I took of him finding the rock, trying to throw it over the fence, then losing it in the straw and him turning around and saying to me that he lost it! Wish I was there with you all now!!

  2. Such fun memories you are making. Looks like Brody is going to be like "uncle" Alex. He won't leave the house without his sunglasses!


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