Number Two

Let's just call this the "Number 2" post of the Potty Training Diaries.  You can choose to continue reading or not. ;)

Saturday night, Jonathan and I were at dinner with friends when we received the text from my SIL.  Jonathan and I were sitting at opposite ends of the table when I noticed him smiling from ear to ear as the light from the phone lit up his face in the dark restaurant.  I watched him for a minute, wondering who in the world was texting him and what he was so happy about.  He looked up at me, still with that silly smile on his face, and quickly walked over to show me the series of texts from Jessica. 

Jess: "Has Brody ever pooped in the potty?"

        Jonathan: "No, why? Did he tonight?"

Jess: "Should I be filming this?"

        Me: "Wow! Yes, tape it!"

Jess: "He like started screaming poo poo potty and then started crying.  So I put him on the pot and now he is plopping."

        Me: "I am literally crying about this. I can't believe I missed it!"

Jess: "Aww. Sorry you missed it. He didn't go a lot. Mainly farted and let out one big terd."

This is the picture Jessica took with her iPhone and sent to us as this was all going down.  We proudly passed this around the a group of couples without kids. I'm sure they thought we were nuts!


  1. LOL!! This is too funny! Although, at first when I saw the title to this post, I thought you had an announcement of a different kind… :-)

  2. We thought it was hilarious! So sorry you had to miss this big boy step, but we were glad to have ya'lls company!

  3. LOVE it!! GO Brody! Way to poop!


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