Toddler Tip #1: Don't leave baby powder in the crib!

I can't believe it has been a month and a half since I last wrote.  Looking back, it was this time last year that my blogging fell apart for several months.  I guess February/March is just a busy time for us.  Nothing specific, just the everyday "busy bug" bites.  The problem with missing so much blog time is that before I know it I'm not as busy but then it just feels awkward to start writing again.  But, instead of putting it off until September, I figured I better just jump back on this blog horse.  There are many stories I could tell about the days missed, but for now I'd rather just show you what Jonathan and I woke up to this morning...

We always sneak into Brody's room before we go to bed and change him into a fresh diaper.  Last night, I must have left the opened bottle of baby powder in his crib. 

We heard him in there this morning laughing and squealing with joy.  I guess now we know why. 

Like Jonathan told me this morning, all you can do is laugh.


  1. PRICELESS!!! And he looks to be so proud of himself! Too cute! I'm missing my Mr. Sunshine! Give him a big hug and kiss from Wynni!!

  2. Welcome back! Love staying up to date on your fam, but I blame Jonny on the baby powder incident (it just sounds like something he would do). Great new site layout, BTW!


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