You've Gotta Fight..♫boom boom♫..for Your Right..♫boom boom♫ POTTY!!!

Cheesy title, I know, but I am over the moon excited!  Brody tinkled in the potty tonight!!!  We haven't even officially started potty training yet.  I bought a potty book at T.J.Maxx at Christmas time and stored it in our closet for future use.  Brody found it about a month and a half ago and asked to read it.  We sat down in my closet to read it, and Brody was very intrigued by it. 

Around the same time he started showing interest in what I was doing when I was in the bathroom.  So I just told him I was going potty and one day he would too.  Well, about a month ago my mom was in town and suggested we get him a potty chair since he seemed interested.  So I bought him a little baseball potty seat.
She also suggested we just set it on the floor and let him play with it for awhile so that once we decided to sit him on it he wouldn't be as scared.  So that is what I did for a couple weeks.  About 2 weeks ago I decided to let him try sitting on it while we read the potty book.  He was nervous when I first sat him on the seat but I reassured him I was there, and I sat on a stool in front of him to make him feel more secure as we read the potty book together.  He ate it all up as I read the book with silly fluctuating voices.  He forgot all about being on the potty for several minutes until he was ready to get off and said "All done potty." 

So we have done the same thing maybe once a day since then.  He will sporadically say, "Poo poo potty" and I will ask him if he wants to go sit on the potty to read his potty book.  If he says yes then we will go sit on the potty for a few minutes and read the book.  Nothing planned or scheduled.  Just when he shows interest. 

Tonight, as I was changing his diaper for bedtime he said, "Poo poo potty" and I asked if he would like to sit on it as usual.  So we did.  Now, this might be too much information, but forgive me.  Thankfully he is a boy and there is an advantage to that when you are trying to train them to go on the potty because you can visibly tell when boys need to go.  And tonight I could tell he needed to go.  So we read his potty book and he examined it for a long time before saying, "All done potty."  But, he hadn't gone yet and as far as I could tell would be going soon.  So I grabbed a few more books and we sat in the bathroom and read for several more minutes.  Then he said, "Pee pee potty" followed by "All done potty" as he reached his arms out for me.  So at that point I gave up and reached to get him.  That's when I noticed he had tinkled in the potty!  So I praised him and showed him I was excited.  I was obviously way more excited than he was.  He was happy, but he had no idea why mommy was so happy.

I'm sure there was no connection made tonight to what he accomplished, and it probably won't happen again for awhile; but I am encouraged by the milestone he met tonight as he isn't even 2 yet...and he is a boy!  I'm sure this will take many months and I don't plan on pushing him to do it now just because of what happened.  I just want it to be an enjoyable experience for him.  No pressure.  He'll let us know when he is really ready. 

Way to go my precious little man!!!


  1. He never ceases to amaze me! And you never cease to amaze me as being the most wonderful, caring and over-all best mom ever!!
    I know you were going to have me potty train him later on in the summer, but looks like he doesn't need me! I'm really hoping he will be considered potty trained by the time we go on our cruise in a few months!
    Kisses and praises to our little doodle bug!

  2. I know my days of potty training are far away, but you have given me some great tips! I hope to train them at the latest after their 2nd birthday by letting the girls run around naked outside and then they feel the need to tell you when they have to go potty because they have nothing on to catch it! I have heard it really works... but we shall see! Way to go with the accomplishment!! I will just be excited not to have to change 21 diapers a day. :-D


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