4 Excuses...

...for why I have not posted recently: 

  1. My parents came to visit this past weekend....prior to them coming I was getting ready for them to come, while they were here I was hanging out with them every second I could, and since they left I have felt overwhelmed by the hundreds of pictures I took to help me document the weekend.  (Check back for that post once I have calmed down and narrowed down the selection!)
  2. Working. Documenting. Blah.
  3. I've been worried about and praying for Brody's Uncle Shane and Aunt Jessi. 
  4. Brody has me worried.  He has had a cough for over a month now (for which he was given an inhaler to use as needed).  As of yesterday afternoon his cough became persistent, coughing every 5-10 seconds.  Last night his breathing became labored, he was wheezing, and I was hearing a crackling noise as he expired.  He couldn't stop coughing, so he didn't get much sleep...and neither did we.  I took him to the doctor this morning and he gave him a (costly) cocktail of drugs to help determine if it is allergies or asthma.  We should have a better idea by the middle of next week. 
So forgive me for not posting recently.  I will be returning soon...with pics from the weekend with my 'rents, swimming adventures, and birthday party planning.  Try not to pee in your pants from excitement! :)

Update: I took Brody back to the doctor the following week and his lungs were clear, per Dr. Reisman.  He told us that since he has been in to see him a few times for wheezing and because he reacted so "beautifully" to the cocktail of drugs, he suspects Brody has asthma (though he will not commit to that diagnosis yet).  We are to continue 3 of the 4 medications (2 of which we can discontinue in a couple weeks) and see him again in June for a more final diagnosis.  We are praying for God's healing, but understand we are so blessed to have an otherwise healthy boy.  Being in the pediatrics field has helped me keep some perspective on all this. 


  1. That makes me so sad about Brody! I hope he feels better soon. Having a sick child is 10 times worse than being sick yourself because of all the empathy and worry that comes along with it! Let us know how the tests turn out!

  2. Oh no! I hate that he is still sick. I will be praying for him to be healed quickly! Love you!

  3. So sorry to hear about Brody, Lauren. We actually had a similar thing happen to Ava a couple months ago. She would mostly cough throughout the night. It was so bad that at times she would wake up crying. We tried several things from giving her water to putting a humidifier in her room. We think something was causing post-nasal drip. When her cough got so bad (I think it was then combined with a bad cold) and she had difficulty breathing and was vomiting up snot, we took her to the doctor. She was put on a 10 day antibiotic. We also put a vicks plug-in in her room for 5 nights. She hasn't coughed since :) (Knock on wood!) We think she has allergies though too and have thought about going to a specialist. You may want to consider going to one yourself. Anyway, I hope he gets better. It's so tough (on everyone) when our little ones get sick :(


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