Bunny Business

First of all, THANK YOU to all of those who have been praying for and sending "get well" wishes to Brody.  He is feeling much better, though not quite up to par.  He is still taking 3 of the 4 medications that were prescribed to him.  Thankfully he completed the round of steroids yesterday morning.  Having a 'roids baby run around at full throttle, NON-STOP, without naps has been tiring to say the least!  I'm pretty sure he could have smashed Mark McGwire's home run record if we'd just put a bat in his hands. ;)  On the flip side, the extra boost of energy made for an exciting and memorable Easter as Brody ferociously rushed around the backyard to see what the Easter Bunny had left behind. 

You see, after Brody woke up from his nap yesterday, he came down the stairs to find Bunny tracks leading from the front door to our backyard.

So he followed the tracks to the backyard (making a mess with each paw print as he went); and, to his surprise, discovered the Bunny left some eggs in our yard.

And would you believe what he found inside?!  Gummy Worms!  Yummy Gummy Worms!

After hunting for and successfully tracking down all 24 eggs, he discovered something else that silly Easter Bunny had left behind: an Easter basket with his name on it....filled with toys of all kinds!

Jonathan's favorite toy was the bubble gun.

But I much preferred the Legos, and thoroughly enjoyed building Brody a house for his little town.

It was an enjoyable and memorable day...at least for Jonathan and me.  And so that one day Brody can remember the day too, we captured it all on film. 

Before I end this post I must take you on a little detour.....Even though Brody had so much fun hunting for eggs and playing with all the toys in his basket, it didn't trump the excitement of airplanes flying overhead.  He gets excited every time he hears one, and yesterday was no exception.  Uncle Josh would have been proud!

We hope you all had a HOPPY Easter too! I'd love to hear about any fun traditions you have for this special holiday!

***If you liked the Bunny tracks and want to re-create them for your little one all you need is some baby powder and a paper plate.  Cover the plate in the powder.  Make a fist with your hand and dip the side of your hand in the powder, then onto the floor.  Take three fingers and make the "toes" on each print.  Super easy. Super cheap. Super fun!  Enjoy!


  1. Very creative Pum'kin.....love the whole idea and the pics of our adorable li'l BrodyBoy! Can't wait to see the video.


  2. You are too cute friend. I love that idea for when we have little ones. PS-Brody looks like a little man...where does the time go!

  3. So cute! I bet the little one felt like "Wow"! Thanks for dropping by my place. Hope to see you again soon!
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: New follower!


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