Humpty Dumpty

Brody completed his first set of swimming classes today!  He had been a part of the "Tadpole" group at SeaVentures each Wednesday for the past 3 weeks.  Ms. Lili taught him and the other kiddos how to blow bubbles in the water, kick their legs, float on their backs and stomachs with assistance, and jump into the water.  Brody had no hesitation to going underwater.  In fact, it seemed to be his favorite part!  He always had a big smile on his face after being dunked or jumping off the edge into the water as we sang "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!".  Although, I will admit, when I say he jumped off the edge of the pool I mean he stood there, and as I counted to three he would bend his little knees while I pulled him in.  So maybe it wasn't perfect, but my goodness he rocked his first swim class!  This momma is proud!

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  1. So exciting! I remember learning to swim. I hated it! Glad he is enjoying it. This means you guys can come to our neighborhood pool lots this summer!


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