This weekend we flew to Memphis, TN. 

After landing at the Memphis airport, Brody was so excited to be able to look out the large windows at the airplane we had just flown on.  Who needs Disney?!

"But why did y'all fly to Memphis?"

Because Thursday, April 7th,  was opening day for the Memphis Redbirds (The St Louis Cardinals' AAA team) and we wanted to be there to cheer for Brody's Uncle Shane.

Wait!? Are you telling me Uncle Shane is here?

Seriously!?  MY Uncle Shane?!

That's right, Big Guy!

But it wasn't just the 3 of us who just had to be there to see Shane play ball.

Brody's cousins came to watch their Uncle Shane play too....Haleigh, Collin, Lauren, Luke, and Cameron!

Grandma Johnson and Aunt Jenny were there too!  (And Aunt Jessi, of course)

The boys really enjoyed looking for Uncle Shane on the field. 

But for Brody. it was a toss up between watching baseball and admiring his new baby cousin Haleigh.

We were so proud of Shane who played an amazing game. 
 As one article described, "The five hit performance from Robinson set a career-high which included a double and three RBI along with two runs."  (See the full article here

It was a long game and a late night, so we slept-in the next morning before meeting the family for brunch at Blue Plate Cafe.  With full bellies, we began exploring Memphis.  We drove 5 minutes over the bridge into Arkansas to say we visited, walked down Beale Street, and found a bounce house for the kids outside of the FedEx Forum-home of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Sadly, my camera battery died at the bounce house.  But, there wasn't much more to our weekend since we had a flight to catch the following morning.  We arrived at our gate an hour early and since the Memphis airport was small and relatively empty we let Brody freely wonder up and down the terminal.  He watched as planes took-off and landed, he ran as fast as he could while screaming down the echoing hallways, he attempted long jumps with his daddy, and he waved to a pilot in the cockpit who spotted Brody staring at him out the window. 

The plane was relatively empty too so Brody got to sit in his own seat which was nice because I had the opportunity to finish a book I have been trying to finish reading for awhile now.


All-in-all the weekend was nice.  Brody really enjoyed spending time with family.  He felt like a big boy around the cousins and really took a liking to Collin.  Jenn, if you are reading this, make sure you raise Collin to be a good boy because I am almost certain Brody is going to tag along with him at family gatherings. :)

One final memory from this weekend.....

Any guesses as to how high Jonathan's "baby fever" rose to this weekend?  :)


  1. What a fun trip. I totally forgot that this was the big weekend. Glad you had a chance to finish the book too. I absolutely love that book. Lastly, I bet Jon's baby fever registers a 10 on a scale of 0 (being no baby fever) to 10 (take me to the emergency room my baby fever is so high). I had to add a little PT humor in there:)

  2. Awe. Great pics Lauren! Way to capture it all! Great to see you guys and precious Brody. We will do our best with Collin ; ) Love you guys!


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