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Another short post today because the laundry is calling, bills need to be paid, there are phone calls to make, patient notes to write, and I only have a limited amount of precious nap time left.

I spent my first weekend away from Brody this past weekend.  The decision to go was painfully hard but I'm glad I did it.  It was nice to see old grad school friends and celebrate our friend Beth's last fling before the ring....but I'll save those details for another day. 

By the time I returned home it seemed as if Brody had grown 3 inches and learned dozens of new words.  And that is what I was afraid of....missing even one new thing.  So I spent the last few hours before bedtime on Sunday night playing with him, reading to him, and getting him snuggled into his PJ's.  And, oh yeah, sitting on the stool in front of him as he sat on his potty and read his books.  He had announced, once again, that he wanted to sit on the potty.  So, I sat him down, hopeful this time he would actually produce something, anything to make the half hour of just sitting there productive.  Then, lo and behold, he got this frightened look on his face as he shouted "Poo Poo Potty!"  He lunged towards me in fear, desperate for me to grab him off the potty.  But, instead, I comforted him and told him he was okay.  Next thing I heard was a "pfff" as his little face turned to an expression of "what was that!?!"  I sang his praises and congratulated him for becoming such a big boy.  His face relaxed as he felt a sense of pride for what I can only imagine he thought had happened.  When he decided he was all done, I helped him off the potty and showed him his treasure.  He studied it a few seconds before becoming frightened by the sight and reaching up for me to hold him.  I told him it was a good thing and that I was so proud of him.  Then we flushed it down the potty...only for him to become frightened once more at seeing his treasure being taken away by the noisy potty. 

Oh how I love to watch his little mind at work.  Thank you for my welcome home gift, Brody! I missed your precious face!


  1. If you think a weekend was traumatic in all you had missed, multiply that times 20 and that's what it is like when I see him each time. He changes so much from time to time. Now maybe you can appreciate how much I miss him and want to spend every waking moment with him while I am there. I LOVE that little boy to death!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I can't believe how well he is doing and he isn't even 2!! By theh way, as I said in my last message we need to get planning! :) Love you girl!

  3. So proud of your little man! He is so grown up now!


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