A Weekend with Wynni and JimPop

For me, the most tedious task of blogging is sorting through pictures, selecting those that are "blog worthy", editing the selected few (yeah, right), and uploading them to the post.  And, I'll admit, sometimes when I have something to post about but have lots of pictures to go along with the idea, I procrastinate.  The following is no exception.   

A couple of weekends ago my parents came for a short visit.  We packed a lot into one weekend (especially considering we had a toddler in the mix); but I, for one, enjoyed every minute of it.  Sadly, because I didn't post about it right away I have already forgotten what were probably some of the best parts.  Someone get me some B12 stat because this 20-something year old is all too quickly forgetting even the best of moments! 

So, rather than what would have probably been a rather wordy post, I'll leave you with mostly just pictures and bank on the fact that pictures are worth a thousand words.

FRIDAY: Atlanta Braves vs New York Mets

 We drove down to the game a couple of hours early to avoid traffic which gave us the stadium mostly all to ourselves.  Brody could not have been happier since this freed him to run around without having to hold Mommy's hand.  He thoroughly enjoyed exploring Turner Field. 

"Heard this was your favorite player, Uncle Chad!" (Dale Murphy's number)

"This one's for you, JimPop!" (Hank Aaron's number)

"And this one is for me when I grow up."  (Jason Heyward, #22)

Last year:  On April 5, 2010, during Heyward's first Major League plate appearance and Brody's very first baseball game, Heyward hit a three-run home run, estimated at 471 feet (144 m), off of Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs.


**Fast forward**

This year, instead of waiting for Heyward to hit a homer, Brody waited patiently for his very first Major League baseball during batting practice.  He was yelling, "Eddie! Eddie!" (He heard another girl yelling at Eddie in the outfield to throw her a baseball and thought he would give it a try.)

Before we knew it, his cute little self was spotted and one of the players tossed him a baseball (hit by Eric Hinske)!

He was star-struck by Homer as he latched onto his finger.  We literally had to pry Brody's hand open after taking this picture.  I'm pretty sure he would have held on all night!

As luck would have it (not that I believe in luck), it began to rain a few minutes before the game was scheduled to start.  Thunderstorms with damaging hail and possible tornadoes were headed our way.  We waited for an hour and a half until they finally postponed the game.  Even though we didn't get to see the Braves play that night, we had a TON of fun.  And the best part is, we got free tickets to go back in May and do it all over again!

Saturday: 75th Annual Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park

Though we were less than impressed with the festival since there wasn't much for a toddler to do, Brody managed to have a lot of fun.  He rode the carousel over, and over, and over again.  This was his very first carousel ride and I'm sure he won't let it be his last.

He must of run up and down this hill a dozen times.

And he showed this popsicle who was boss.

Did I mention we were less than impressed?

SUNDAY: Our Neighborhood Pond

After Jonathan left for a business trip, the rest of us set out for an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

Looking for a rabbit.

Looking for airplanes.

This picture reminds me of my childhood.  I was always jumping off of something into those very same arms.

My mom is always behind the camera which leaves us very few pictures of her. Isn't she beautiful!

Brody's first time sitting in a tree.  He liked it for maybe 20 seconds.

Brody gave his Wynni a dogwood flower that he had found.....

....And tried to push his JimPop on the bike. But he quickly realized he had taken on more than he could handle. 

The weekend was a blast but much too short.  And since Brody gets pretty much anything he wants when his Wynni and JimPop are around, we (once again) found ourselves going through what I affectionately call "grandparent detox" that Monday afternoon.


  1. Your mom is beautiful. Brody is so grown up!

  2. Loved this post!! I'm so glad you had such a great weekend with your sweet family! I absolutely love the picture of Jon at the Dogwood Festival...I'm glad he enjoyed it ;)!


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