Check. Check.

Yesterday I finished my first complete cycle of p90X...though it took me longer than 90 days.  We had to take a week off here and there for travel.  So it really took about 4 months. I think the key to our success this time around was cutting ourselves some slack.  We initially were trying to workout 6 days a week. Exhausting! That lasted about 3 weeks before we realized it wasn't realistic for our schedule.  We cut it down to a few work-outs a week...the ones that were most important to us (arms, chest, shoulders, and abs). 

Now what? Well, the Peachtree Road Race is 6 weeks away so I began training today.  After researching online for a program that I thought was do-able, I decided to go with this one. I'm excited to get back to running for awhile.  I'll probably still use some of the work-outs from p90X over the next six weeks (especially the Ab Ripper) but my focus will be on increasing my running speed and endurance for the big July 4th race. 

After that? I'm thinking round 2 of p90X. :)

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  1. I am impressed with your training schedule! You might kick my booty on race day!


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