Colorful Life Lesson

Brody and I spent some time coloring together today.  I used the time to teach him colors.  He loves to grab a crayon out of the box, scribble a little, hand the old crayon to me, then get a new crayon out of the box.  As he handed me the "old" crayon, I would color a block of the picture and ask him what color crayon I was using.  It was a great way to keep him interested in learning his colors.  But I also used the time to teach him a valuable life lesson.  As all kids do, he wanted to color a little bit of the picture, then turn the page to color a little bit of another picture, and so on.  In the past I have played along, but today I thought it would be a good time to start teaching him to finish what he started.  Each time he tried to turn the page, I would remind him that we needed to finish coloring the picture we started before we began coloring another picture.  He actually did really well with this concept and we finished coloring the picture together (he scribbled, then I got the crayon and colored in another block...)  The picture wasn't pretty, but that wasn't the point. 
What do you think? Is it too early to teach a (almost) two year old life lessons?  Should I have just colored through the book with him because it was fun?  Are there other life lessons we can learn from coloring?


  1. Lauren,
    It is never to soon to teach life lessons. You are such a good mother, always looking for opportunity for a special moment with Brody. I am enjoying how you share these moments with everyone.

  2. I think you are blessed with knowing when the "right" moment is for a learning opportunity with your child. Each child is so different! You are such an amazing mom! I am so proud of you!

  3. @Sheila

    Thank you! I love sharing these "everyday" moments...especially when I know others are enjoying them. :) Thanks for the comments!

  4. @Samantha Tutterrow

    Thanks, Friend! You are always so encouraging. :)


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