Creative Discovery Museum

We're in Chattanooga!

Jonathan is taking care of business this week while Brody and I are making sure our time is pleasurable.  (Sorry, Jonathan, but someone has to bring home the bacon while we play around!)  Brody and I hit up the Creative Discovery Museum today where we packed in as much fun as we possibly could in 5 hours.  It took Brody a little while to warm up to the environment; and, as usual, he studied all the kids carefully before taking over the place. 

In the Little Yellow House

He looked hot in his hot rod (is this a hot rod??? ha ha)

And conducted this train with mad skills.

In the Visual Arts Gallery

He graffitied-up the mirrors.

In the Performing Arts Gallery

He composed beautiful music (our version of Twinkle Twinkle)

In the Excavation Station

He wasn't too sure about walking in the sand with all the dinosaur he sat on the edge with me and enjoyed the sand between his toes (while watching 3 cute little blondes dig in).

Dinosaur puzzles were more his thing.

And watching baby dinos hatch from their eggs.

Though the reptiles in the cave were frightening at times, he just had to sneak a peak at the frog, terrantula, and scorpion.

He screamed with joy as he thought other kids were chasing him through the cave.

In the Inventors' Clubhouse

He didn't really "invent" anything... 

but he climbed a "mountain" and sat there like a king.

In the Rooftop Fun Factory

He made food move with just his shaddow.

He blew the biggest of bubbles.

He climbed his way up a ladder (with Mommy's help) and into the treehouse.

He cayaked down the river.

In the Riverplay

He filled boats with water and dumped the water all over the floor (it was the one part of the day we had to have a talk).

But of all the fun activites, do you want to know where he spent most of his time?

The Library

He read book after book...

 ...until the only way to absorb it all was by standing on his head.

Before we left, I took him to the museum shop to pick out one toy to take home.  I was expecting we would find some sort of learning toy--something new to explore with.  Instead, he insisted on another car.  He wanted nothing to do with anything other than the cars, trains, and trucks.  I internally struggled in the store for about 30 minutes until I finally let go of my expectations and gave in.  He walked home with the only thing he really wanted.


  1. Tommy's brother, Addie, just got a job in Chattanooga! We will have to keep this place in mind for someday when we make it out with the girls to visit! Looks like you two had a ton of fun! Great post!


  2. How I wish I could have been there to enjoy the fun day with you and Brody! You captured some really great photo shots of our BrodyBoy. Dad and I cracked up over the one of him standing on his head!! We are missing him sooooo much! Glad you got to go with Jonathan to Chattanooga. Love you!

  3. Ditto.....what Mom said!

    Love you all,


  4. Glad to see you are having so much fun. We missed seeing you this week, but look forward to hanging out Tuesday! Love you!


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