It's a Cow!

As I found out tonight, your own children can help you see the not-so-good characteristics in yourself.  Jonathan and I are both stubborn.  (In a major way!)  If we are sure we are right about something, we will argue until we are both blue in the face...even when we are dead wrong!  I might have been a little foggy about that characteristic of myself until tonight.  I've seen it in Jonathan for many years now, clear as day! ;)

As I was reading Brody a bedtime story out of his Jesus Storybook Bible, there was a picture of Saul standing next to a horse.  After some examination, Brody interrupted me mid-sentence to exclaim, "A cow! A Cow! Moooooo!" 

To which I replied, "That's a horse. Naaayyy!" 

He swung his little head around to look me in the eyes as he said, "No, it's a cow."

"No, baby, it's a horse."

"No!!! A cow!"

That's when it hit me.  He got a double dose of stubbornness.  The poor child never had a chance.  He was destined to argue even if he is wrong. 

Oh boy!

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