Brody's {1st} Birthday Bug Bash

Well, Brody's second birthday has now come and gone, but we still have his birthday party to prepare for this weekend.  All this planning has me reminiscing about last year's party.  Brody's 1st Birthday Bug Bash.  And since I never actually blogged about the whole shin-dig last year, I thought it's now or never.  But it's late. I'm tired. And I've got lots to do tomorrow.  So pictures will, once again, have to tell most of the story. 

I'm thankful for all the helping hands the night before the party.  We stayed up until wee-hours of the night. I couldn't have done it without each one of them...

My Mom and Dad (Brody's Wynni and JimPop)
 My favorite hubby, Jonathan
 Our friends, Phil...
 ...and Vanessa
 Brody was busy in his own little way as he crawled through all the chaos surrounding him.
We made these cute little caterpillar cupcakes before we realized we had no way to carry them safely to the park the next day.  But Phil came to the rescue and had this genius idea...
The next morning, we loaded up and headed to the park only to find two other parties taking our rented space.  By the time we got them out of there we were left with very little time to decorate.  So as the early guests arrived they happily pitched in to help.  It felt like a disaster at the time, but it all worked out in the end.  So what if things weren't exactly as I had imagined.  We had all we needed...
...Good friends and family (all of whom I don't have pictures of but cherish each and every one of those who took the time to come and make Brody feel special on his first birthday)...

...Good food...

...the cutest little bugs in Georgia...


And of course there was cake. Horribly, healthy cake.  I was adamit about Brody having a healthy cake for his first birthday since we never fed him sweets before that day.  It was a bad decision, I will admit.  The cake was the ugliest looking cake you have ever seen and it didn't make for a good smash cake...which is always the highlight of the big O.N.E.

I had major regrets about that cake, so the next day we had a smash cake re-do in our backyard.  Brody wasn't sure about it at first. Can you blame him?
But he was a good sport and tried it anyway...and it turned out to be a big hit.

His first birthday was big day for our little family of three.  One that we will never forget.

It was hard to believe how fast the first year flew by...maybe because I was a zombie the first 4 months of his life.

But most of us expect the first year to fly by, right? I mean, everyone warns you that it will.
But I was caught off guard by how much faster the second year passed.  I can't believe family and friends will be here tomorrow night to help us prepare for his second birthday party.  Time, please slow down!

I can hardly wait to share his second birthday party with you next week!
Here's a little sneak peak...


  1. I love the bug theme! So cute. Where do you order the invitations? I'm looking forward to reading about his second birthday party!

  2. We had so much fun at the first, and can't wait to celebrate his 2nd. We love him so much!

  3. Time sure does fly! His 1st birthday was one we will never forget. This was the weekend where God confirmed that His plan for us was to move to Georgia! How blesswed we are to be so close to you guys now and do life together-once again!

  4. Your party looked amazing! All those bug inspired treats looked so cute! You have a beautiful family :)

  5. @Jessica
    Thanks, Jessica! I enjoyed planning this party for my little man. Thanks for following!


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