TN to GA & Back

Today was sort-of a wasted day in Chattanooga, I guess you could say.  I made a prior promise to take Brody to my grad school Alma Mater so that the students could practice on him in their pediatrics class. I didn't feel it would be right for me to cancel since our own plans changed and we ended up in Tennessee this week.  It's a little over a two hour drive to North Georgia from Chattanooga, so with travel time and nap time we only had a couple hours in the morning for "fun time."  I decided to make it as stress-free as possible and just took Brody to our hotel's indoor pool so that he could practice what he learned in swim lessons last month. 
Despite the lack of smiles in the pictures, he really did have a great time (and it wore him out for nap time which is always a good thing).


  1. Brody is just showing off his serious side in case the Hollywood produces happen to visit your very talent-ladened blogsite......can't take a chance of being type-casted as a comedian just because of his "normal" mouth wide open, happy-go-lucky expressions......gotta give 'em a little taste of the serious leading man side! Can't wait to see some pics of BrodyBoy on his first real train ride. Love you and miss you all! JimPop

  2. Aw, fun! I can't wait to take my little guy swimming when he gets bigger. :-) Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too now!


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