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These past several weeks have been crazy busy and I'm shocked because I honestly thought life was going to slow down after the Big Birthday Bash.  Instead, things just got busier on a "whole notha leva!" I have some potentially exciting things to share, but not today and not this week.  It's all rather secretive at this point.  And, NO! we are not preggo! 
One of my latest to-do's is writing thank you notes to family and friends for making Brody's birthday special.  We were so thankful for all of those who came to our home and celebrated with us, and Brody has thoroughly enjoyed his abundance of new toys. He has quite literally played non-stop with all the cars and trains and such (it's driving me a tad nutso though).  He is also now fully prepared for the Disney cruise as he acquired 4 new bathing suits, and other cute Disney apparel.  One of the most original gifts he received this year was his Early Rider Balance Bike from his Uncle Josh and "Aunt" Anna.
 A balance bike is a bike that has no training wheels or pedals.  It is designed to help children learn to balance and steer. (One of the coolest ideas this pediatric physical therapist had never heard about!)  I'm excited to see how effective this bike truly is for Brody.  He received a tricycle for Christmas that  he still will not pedal but he loves to sit on it and use the push-off method around the house.  We, of course, put him on the new balance bike right away.  He was unsure about it but willing to give it a go.  That is, until he started to lose control and scared himself...
 He refused to get on it after that, telling everyone else to ride it for his entertainment as he was held safely in JimPop's arms.
 It has been a couple of weeks now, and that little booger has yet to forget the "almost crash."  We have been playing it low key, hoping he will soon forget and get back on.  I just know he is going to LOVE it once he gets the hang of it!  It is a special gift from his cool Uncle Josh and "Aunt" Anna that he will one day treasure, I'm sure.  Are you not loving the cute Harley Davidson feel to this little bike?!

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