Last Week's Highlights

I spent a lot of last week immersed in the sun's rays while laying on top of my new float in a HEATED pool.  I can't stand being in cool water, so my parent's pool was perfecto if you ask me.  But besides coming back with a slight tan (woo-hoo), I also brought home some great memories.
Here are the highlights.

1. Brody went to see his first movie in the theatre.  It was, of course, Cars 2.  (Have I told you lately how obsessed he is with cars of all kinds right now?!)  He did a great job sitting in his seat quietly until about the last 10 minutes of the movie.  When I saw him getting ansy, I quickly lead him out of the theatre to let him run around for a bit while Jonathan, Wynni, JimPop, and Uncle Chad watched the ending.  I didn't mind missing the end of the movie because, frankly, I was not impressed!  Plus, I'm sure I will be watching it over and over and over again once it comes out on DVD. *sigh*

2. Not only do my parent's have a heated pool, but they are just a short bike ride from the beach.  So we packed up our gear, strapped Brody into the bike trailer, and headed down to the beach one night before sunset.  Jonathan flew his kite while Brody and I dug into the sand and played chase along the shore.  Wynni was there to witness it all and even took a turn flying Jonathan's two-string kite.

3. Grandma Johnson has had visitor after visitor at her house these past several weeks, so as soon as there was a vacancy at Chateau Johnson, we stepped in to fill the empty beds.  When we weren't sleeping there, we were visiting with her guests...Aunt Jenni with her family and Uncle Jeremiah with his family (you can read about Brody's visit with Uncle Jeremiah's girls here).  We even snuck over to the hospital where she works one afternoon just to get a little extra Grandma time.

 4. Uncle Chad and Aunt Alison invited us over for a barbeque on Father's Day along with Wynni and JimPop.  We got to meet the newest member of the family while we were there...Oscar, their new puppy.  What a cutie!

5. But the highlight of the highlights was having coffee and dessert with my oldest and bestest friend, Amanda.  She is preggers with her first baby and I could not be more excited to welcome into the world Brody's new best friend this September (yes, I'm demanding they be life-long best friends too).  Amanda is a gorgeous "almost-mommy," just as I suspected she would be.  We were inseperable as little girls, telling our parents we couldn't leave each other because we had accidently glued ourselves together.  It never worked, but we tried it every time!  Amanda, I wish we were glued together once again because I miss my friend!   You are going to make one terrific mommy! Don't doubt that for a second!

Just for fun, I'll leave you with a little extra cuteness from our week in little beach bum.  :)

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  1. Wow - Brody man is a stud!... I love all of the pictures!! ... Amanda looks great!! So exciting to see the baby bump! ...Oh and Chad's puppy is SO FREAKING CUTE!! ...That picture of Brody and mom is a framer....and I can't get over how blue Haleigh's eyes are! Great post!


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