Love Letters to Brody: Wynni

I originally created this blog to document the little things, big things, funny things, silly things, sad things, crazy things, extraordinary things, ordinary things, and all that's in between those things for Brody to read one day when he is older.  And, for the most part, that is what this blog has been all about...with a little side-tracking now and then for recipes, crafts, great finds, etc.  But recently I decided to start a special new feature, designed specifically with Brody in mind.  Love Letters to Brody.  These letters are from family and close friends, written to Brody for him to read one day when he is older.  I hope you find a little joy in reading them too.  There will be no rhyme or reason to when I post each one.  I'm just going to post them as I receive them.  Today's letter was written by my mother Darwyn, Brody's "Wynni."  She added some of her own pictures to the letter for an extra special touch. :) Happy reading!

A note to my precious Brody!

It has been 2 glorious years since your arrival and the beginning of the magical joys of grandmotherhood for me. From the very moment I saw you in the little incubator being wheeled to the nursery at the hospital, I was all googly-eyed over you.
From the time your mommy and daddy shared with us that they were pregnant, I began praying for you. I thanked and continue to thank our Lord each day for you. During your mommy’s pregnancy, I kept up with what part of you was developing each week and asked our heavenly Father to form you perfectly in her womb. I prayed you would have an even keel disposition and a great personality that brings so much joy to others around you. He has definitely answered those prayers.

God has truly blessed you with Godly parents who only want the best for you and the best is what glorifies God the most. I get excited when I think about how one day He will call you out to be a mighty soldier in His army! I wonder how He is going to use you? Right now, it thrills me to no end when it’s time to read you a bedtime story and you go to your bookcase and choose the Bible Story Book for Children that JimPop and I gave you for Christmas 2010!
Since your birth, I have tried to make sure not more than 6 weeks go by without me seeing you. I always treasure the fun times you and I spend together. I never seem to get enough of you. I catch myself watching every move you make so as to not miss a thing!
I love when I’m cooking dinner and you come into the kitchen, look up at me with your arms up high, and say, “Wynni, up!” So I grab you up and set you on the kitchen counter and you enjoy helping me make the dinner. Sometimes that will be stirring the tea or you tasting the apples that I’m cutting up for the apple salad. You are just so happy to get up on that counter and lend me your little helping hand! Then I will proudly tell everyone at the dinner table that you and I prepared the meal. “Right, Brody?” And you respond in your cute little voice, “Yeah!”
It thrills me to hear you count to 16 and say your ABC’s. We can tell already that you are going to be a smart little fellow! Your mommy was smart when she was a little girl, too. She could sound out words and read simple sentences when she was only 3 years old. I can see you following in her footsteps in your eagerness to learn. And when you do something such as sing your ABC’s, you get so much joy and pleasure when we clap our hands for you!

I get so tickled when I see you push your wagon all around the house and loudly squeal with joy. There’s something about watching you from behind that cracks me up! I think it’s seeing those little legs of yours in those jeans that are only about 15 inches in length that does it for me.
I hate when each day comes to a close when I’m there with you and we have to say good-night, but how precious and sweet those times are as we talk about what we did that day, and what we have to look forward to doing the next day. Our prayer times together are the best as I hold you in my arms and pray over you. You close your little eyes and wait for me to say “Amen” and then you chime in with your “Amen.” How cute is that? Then it’s time for our goodnight kisses.

When I’m back in Florida my heart does flip-flops whenever we Skype and I see your big eyes light up with excitement when you see us on the computer screen. On one of our visits to see you, I accidentally brought one of your Matchbox airplanes back home with me in my purse. I had already replaced it with another one exactly like it before we left your home. Now it’s fun to watch you and JimPop play airplanes together on Skype. As soon as JimPop gets his airplane, you go missing from our screen, but we know where you have gone. You are retrieving your airplane so you and JimPop can begin “bombing” each other!
I wish I could express in words how blessed I feel to have the privilege of having you as our precious grandson. The joy in my heart overflows exceedingly. I love you more than you could ever know. I look forward to our days and years ahead and I know they will be filled with so much fun and adventure together!

Hugs and kisses,

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