We're in Florida

After one long car ride, two tanks of gas, a three-peat of Cars (the Movie), and four stops total...we finally made it to our hometown in Florida on Saturday night. 
 We arrived just in time for Jonathan and Brody to enjoy sitting by the pond, watching for fish, at my parent's house for a few minutes before the storm came rolling in.
 Oh the storms! The beautiful Florida storms! How I miss them so much! As I watched the storm take complete control of the sun-drenched sky, I had a moment...a moment of longing to move back home to Florida.  

 But just like the storm, the moment to move home passed, and I was left feeling blessed to have the opportunity to visit any time I please.  It's good to be "home"...for awhile.


  1. I panicked for a minute when I saw the moving home comment! Please don't leave me!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I can see how it's hard not to want to leave...


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