How Did We Get Here?

Just wanted to share some random cuteness of my hubby in his crib.
What a looker from the start! (And still bald)

How did we get from here....
Jonathan putting together Brody's crib in March 2009
 To here...
Brody pulling up in his crib for the first time in February 2010
 And then to here?
Brody in his new toddler bed in July 2011
That's right. Brody is sleeping in a toddler bed now! What?! I know he is 2 now...I've come to terms with that, but a toddler bed?!  How did this happen? Where did the time go?
And the craziest part of it all?  We haven't had one single problem with him sleeping in his toddler bed. He falls asleep just as easily, sleeps just as long, and stays put in his bed until I come into the room and get him.  He did all this from day 1.

How? I can only attribute it to his going to preschool two days a week. He is required to sleep on a cot and is not allowed to get out of it until his teachers turn the light on.  It's amazing! Just one of the MANY benefits we have seen from his part-time preschool experience. If only I had known how much easier these transitional stages would be...I wouldn't have felt as guilty signing him up for preschool.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

By the way---Jonathan hasn't discovered Brody's toenails yet. : )


  1. Now I see where Brody gets that big smile from when he Jonathan has the identical smile! Btw, when Jonathan finally discovers Brody's painted toenails, let him know that he could have known much sooner if he would only read your blogs!! I can't believe he hasn't see Brody's toes painted, yet. Tooo funny!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww, time does fly wayyyy to fast! Brody is so, so cute! My little man is 5 months old and I feel like just yesterday I was in the hospital looking at his sweet face for the first time!

  3. Seeing all those pics over time does make you wonder how did it go by so quickly??

    I've never had luck with getting my kids to stay in their beds until I come get them. Sigh....

    Brody is super cute!!!!!!


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