I May or May Not Have

I may or may not have painted Brody's toenails.

He may or may not have asked me to paint them.

I may or may not have painted them "vintage violet."

He may or may not have smeared them when he stepped into his Daddy's running shoes.

He may or may not have asked for more.

I may or may not have given him a second coat.

Jonathan may or may not find out tonight when he babysits while I have a girls' night out.

He may or may not kill me when I get home.

: )

What might you be guilty for???


  1. This is hilarious! I would love to be a fly on the wall when Jonathan sees those pretty toenails. I can just envision the big grin on Brody's face when you finished polishing his toenails!

  2. So wrong on so many levels. I may or may not have a shirt that color. :). Love you Mostest. JimPop

  3. My SIL used to paint my nephew's toes AND fingers when he asked...hilarious!!

  4. I found out now! And I whole-heartedly DISSAPPROVE! He'll get that junk taken off ASAP. Won't mind it on any girls we may have, but for my boy it just isn't right. I like it when he gets covered in dirt when we're workin in the yard.

  5. LOL! That's cute! How did you get him to stand still while painting those toes??


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