"Take a Minute for Your Kids"

I was definitely lacking last week on the postings. I haven't posted since last Monday. I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I honestly haven't been sure what to say.  So many soon-to-be-known-as historical events happened in one week (including the last space shuttle launch, which after finishing this post I have decided not to post about at this time). I don't normally blog about news and such (after all, this is just a mommy blog), but after a week of procrastinating I feel I can't move on without mentioning my feelings from last week first. 

Last Tuesday, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.  I've been loosely following this case over the past three years, since Caylee first went missing.  It was all over the news in Florida as many people searched for months in 2008 for the beautiful little girl that so mysteriously went missing for 30 days before she was even reported missing.  It was a captivating story from the beginning for Florida residents (and us, as we were visiting our family in Florida at the time).  I never saw much of it on the news here in GA, but every time I went home over the next three years, there it was--the latest developments in the Casey/Caylee Anthony story.  It was like watching a horrific car accident train wreck.  It left a sickening feeling in my stomach but I couldn't look away. 
We are all familiar now with the case, as everyone in every state has sat in front of their TV for some extended period of time to hear the daily updates of the trial, or googled videos to see the changing faces of Casey in the presence of jurors vs. in the absence of jurors, or sat in a restaurant where TV's hung from the ceiling while broadcasting the latest report from forensic experts.  We all have formulated opinions of whether or not Casey is a bad mother, whether Caylee died accidently from drowning or domestic premeditated murder, or whether or not Casey killed her toddler so that she could lead the lifestyle of a college freshman. 

I have my opinions too.  But I am no longer willing to share them.  Just a couple of weeks ago I would have loved to have had a heated debate over the whole case, but not anymore.  I'm saddened by the hatred this case has created between those of us who haven't a single tie to the family involved.  Hate for Casey, hate for her parents, hate for the lawyers, hate for the judge, hate for the jurors who had a terribly awful responsibility that I don't envy for even a second.  I would be lying if I told you I didn't get caught up in some of this stone-throwing, but I am over it.  Only God knows all that truly happened and I believe He is also the only one who can truly bring justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.  So let's all just breathe and know that God is a just God and He will handle the case from here. 

Moving on.

Image taken from www.cbsnews.com
Jaycee Dugard. Another name we all know here in America. Another story we will never forget...especially those of us who are parents.  Jaycee was kidnapped at the innocent age 11 years old and held captive in the backyard of Philip and Nancy Garrido for 18 years--where she gave birth to her two daughters (of whom Philip fathered).  Again, we all know the details so there is no need for me to share each mistake made by authorities in the case. 
Image taken from www.abcnews.go.com
Yesterday, Jaycee was interviewed for the first time on national television since she was found almost two years ago.  She told the story of her survival to Diane Sawyer in front of over 14 million viewers.  If you missed the interview, you can catch it here. One major thing struck me about Jaycee--her overwhelmingly mature insight into how she deals with what has happened to her.  I was taken back by how far she has come from such an unthinkable situation.  How many of us would be so strong?  She is a beautiful woman, inside and out.  You have to watch the interview for yourself because I cannot do her justice. 

The only other thing I have to share from Jaycee's interview was a message her mother, Terry, wanted to share with viewers.  She told a story of when Jaycee was a little girl and asked simply for a morning kiss.  Terry was leaving for work...late, for the third Monday in a row.  She was rushing out the door and chose not to kiss her girls goodbye that morning.  She beat herself up over it for 18 years, but Jaycee consoled her by saying, "How could you have known though? You can't beat yourself up about that." 

Terry replied, "No, but it's a good lesson. Take a minute for your kids. Do that extra thing that may be an inconvenience to you but is important to them." 

We live in a sinful world, full of sick people.  We do our best as parents to protect our children and pray that they will be safe wherever they go.  But God allows things to happen for reasons we may never know.  So I leave you with those powerful words of wisdom today.

Take a minute for your kids.

Any thoughts you'd like to get off your chest about Casey or Jaycee? Let's keep it nice, please.

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