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Last weekend the Atlanta Braves played the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was perfect. My parents were in town and so was Jessica, my SIL. 

I grew up in a Braves household. Cheering for the Braves is in my blood.  They have always been the one and only team we "Fletcher's" cared about.  Jonathan accepted it and began cheering right along with us after we got married.

...Until Jessica married a baseball player. Who didn't play for the Braves.  She married a Cardinal.  But we quickly forgave her.  And we began to cheer for the Cardinals too. 

But last weekend when the Braves played the Cardinals, our loyalty hung in the balance.  We were a house divided.  We were rooting for two different teams, but we were all pulling for just one special player.
We threw a small party in honor of our favorite player that lasted all weekend.  We made posters, decorated with balloons, and celebrated with cookie cake.  We bantered back and forth with Jessica, our loyalty changing with the minutes.  

But the best part of the weekend was Friday night during our pre-game batting practice in the backyard.

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