Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As a Mom-to-Mom Blogger for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, I had the privilege of attending the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Kickoff Event for the Stop Childhood Cancer Alliance this past Wednesday.  The event was held at Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta.

Gov. Nathan Deal was there to sign a proclamation declaring the month of September "Childhood Cancer Awareness Month."

In celebration of the new proclamation, the children in attendance (most of them victims of cancer) followed one of the Imaginators in a parade around the museum.

After the parade, the children were dismissed to play for a couple of hours in the museum.  Brody headed straight to the grocery section where he played in the large delivery truck and pushed around a cart full of groceries for what seemed like an hour.
Thankfully, Aunt Jessi came with us to the event and was able to pull him away from the grocery section to spend some time exploring the rest of the museum. 
Brody tried his best to play with the big kids, but found his little arms and legs to be a bit of an obstacle.
So he found his place at the train table with the other toddler boys.
If you asked her, Brody's Aunt Jessi might tell you that I mostly sat quietly and watched as the children ran around.  I couldn't help but reminisce back to when I was a student intern at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  My clinical instructor, Durga, worked in the children's oncology clinic once every couple of weeks, so I tagged along and helped screen the children for potential therapy needs.  I was in my third trimester with Brody at the time.  It was hard not to consider the "what ifs" for my own unborn child back then, and the "what ifs" came barging in again on Tuesday as I watched my healthy child play with the precious victims of childhood cancer. 

The truth is, no child is impervious to cancer.  Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children from birth to age 15?  Did you know that approximately 46 children and adolescents are diagnosed EVERY DAY with cancer?

You never know when your own child or a child you love could be forever changed by cancer.  Let's all make it our goal this month to make a difference by making donations, volunteering, or working with any one of the 13 individual member organizations of the Stop Childhood Cancer Alliance.
I'm kicking off September by making a donation to the Ian's Friends Foundation.  Ian is a sweet little boy that I had the pleasure of getting to know a few years ago.  He has been battling cancer for almost 6 years now and his parents created the foundation to help fund the research for brain tumors such as the one Ian is fighting.

I'd like to challenge you to consider getting involved this month to help save the life of a child.  Consider volunteering for your local Ronald McDonald House.  Consider giving a donation to one of the other organizations in the alliance...big or small.  Every dollar is a dollar closer to the goal of eliminating childhood cancer. 

I'd love to hear what you've done to make a difference.  Maybe you have a story of how childhood cancer has affected you or someone you know.  Let's share our stories and help raise awareness this month. Please comment below.

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